Publisher verification tool is broken for my domain

it looks like the publisher verification tool at is broken.

i’ve been trying it every couple days for a week, but keep getting the same 404 when clicking “Verify DNS Record”.

i tried cancelling the registration and re-adding the domain a few times and still get the same error.

anyone else having this problem? or is there anyone from BAT that can help?

edit: i emailed [email protected]. does anyone check that inbox?

Thanks for reaching out @firstlookmedia

Sure, someone from the team is maintaining that email.

cc @Asad for assistance here. :slightly_smiling_face:

great, thanks. some help would be much appreciated. it looks like the errors is on your servers. maybe it’s because we have other TXT records for our domain?

Hi there, got your email so let’s continue this discussion there. Sorry that you’re having issues!

@Asad we didn’t see an email from you. can you follow up tomorrow? thanks!

Hmm, check your spam folders just in case! I’ve copied the contents of my email here, though.

The team took a look at your account today. Looks like there was a small bug that was blocking you from verifying. We are working on a fix as soon as possible; please allow us some time. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Asad @ Brave


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