Publisher Tips are not arriving

hello , my friends tiped my channel to test and i received nothing on my publisher dashboard . iam verified has a publisher and iam connected to uphold account , so i dont know whats the problem , pls help

Hello, @blacklion18.

Tips and Contributions are paid out on a monthly basis; is it possible the support you received was within the last couple of weeks? You may need to wait until next month to receive any BAT that has been directed your way.

Hope this helps,


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is there any functionality in the pipeline to notify a publisher once a tip has been sent?
I know it’s early days but that would be super useful


Oh i see .i think i read in a reddit post that was instant thats why i asked .Yes they were sending this week.But many thanks for the information , now i know is montly . Thanks sir u helped alot . nice support team u guys have

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I do believe we’re working on that feature for a future update.


That’s excellent, and thanks for the speedy reply.

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