Publisher rewards multiplies

I set 5BAT monthly for all publishers, and 5BAT monthly for 2 specific publishers. There is a problem right now. I get information that 31266BAT is reserved for payments. It is in polish quoted below

“Przeznaczono 31266.8 BAT dla twórców, którzy jeszcze nie zarejestrowali się, aby móc otrzymywać darowizny. Twoja przeglądarka będzie próbowała przekazać darowiznę, aż dokonają potwierdzenia lub upłynie 90 dni. Dowiedz się więcej.

It should be max 15. This value is increasing about 10k per day.

When I get to awaiting list I get this list. It looks it tries to block money for this publisher.

Hi @Pekoslaw,

Welcome to community! Is the above publishers a Verified Brave Creator? This looks like it could be a display error.

I don’t think it is display error.
Yes publisher is verified( Transfers don`t work(It worked last month). This month I verified my uphold account and added monthly tips for 2 publishers, this is what changed. Maybe that is the problem?.
Awaiting transfers reached 49kiloBAT today.

@Pekoslaw can you please PM me some extra information?

Go to brave://rewards-internals in the browser. Copy and paste all the information you see here in a PM to me. Do not share your internals data publicly!

Any help
It is 234111.9 BAT
my regular tips still dont work

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