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Hello, my name is Gabrie Daradici. I have a problem about payment. In dashboard writes that the pay day is 8th of the month but starting 2 months ago I didn’t received any money. This month I received only a part of the money but in the dashboard is the same amount. What I need to do to receive them all? Thank you

Last year I have been rewarded but now I don’t understand what is happening.


You’ll have to send me your account, channel or site so I can look into it.

Make sure your Uphold account was verified before March 1st, and that the BAT you are expecting arrived before March 1st.



Hello Chriscat, thank you for the answer.

How can I check if uphold is verified?

My email account for brave is:

And phone number is 0040758344925

Thank you for your help.

sâm., 9 mar. 2019, 17:27 chriscat via Brave Community a scris:


I have the same issue here.

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