Publisher payments not showing in


Hi, i was informed that i received a bat payment from a subscriber for the YouTube channel . But there is no payment history in account. I even checked my Uphold account.
What should i do?


Hi @johnvs

I do not believe the process is instantaneous, so I’d advise waiting and checking back in to your publishers account on in a bit. Contributions are not transferred to the publisher’s Uphold account until settlement, which will most likely occur towards the end of the month. If you don’t see any updates to your publishers account in a day or two, please post your YouTube channel here and we can investigate.



I was checking my publisher account for over a week.
my youtube channel:

Thank you


Hi @johnvs

Just to clarify, are you expecting that you will have received a payment directly from the user? If so, that’s not the case. There is some information in this post that might be helpful (there are several responses so I suggest reading them all):



I get it now.


Awesome, thanks for confirming @johnvs - going to close this thread for now.


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