Publisher monthly payment problem

Publisher monthly payment problem

Read this Once : ReadMe Pls :pray:

I’ve open a issue like that in the forum 5 min ago.
I’ve the same problem, I’ve recivied in uphold 10BAT from 917 BAT earned…

and me i can’t get reward like user every month

i don’t read because i don’t know what link it is

wher is the monthly payments and monthly rewards and why i see on the youtube video about installation tutorials and not with problems somebody must to create video and about these problems

lol 917 and you get only 10

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wow how you get so much downloads…?

Almost 400, for now 90 confirmed.

i create and my video tutorial about installation process but i don’t have this result

I’ve several blogs :smiley:
A video too but when I did the video about Brave, BAT didn’t exist yet. All is in spanish.

and you have brave ads and brave pop under …?

I’m not sure if you are talking about Brave ads in browser or banners from Brave Creators.

i speak about all i know brave have and publisher for blog or website and for youtube . but i speak and for monthly rewards like simply user because last months i can’t get monthly rewards like user i do it and format in pc but again ads is not avaible

and i lost private wallet message backup and i start again installation but again ads is not available

I am here for the affiliate program in Brave creators platform.
I’m from a spanish country and the browser ads are no available in my country yet so about ads I don’t know nothing.

yes in the another devices on my country ads it is available

but my problem with affiliate it is monthly payment
and like user monthly rewards to contribute in another publishers