Publisher Login 2FA WebAuthn Support


Have a request that would just be for convenience, which is when logging into the publisher dashboard, to have “WebAuthn” (including U2F key) support. This would make it a lot easier to log into the dashboard instead of having to get out my phone to get a code every time. It’s a bit of a hassle to have to go to my email to get a login link, then also type in a 2FA code, but of course I’d rather have the security so it’s something I I’m willing to deal with.

Supporting U2F keys would make it immensely simpler, since you just have to tap the thing when it’s plugged into your computer. Also, it prevents man-in-the-middle / phishing attacks. Also, WebAuthn support is being added to all major browsers (currently available in firefox, Chrome 60 Beta, and it’s in the pipeline for Microsoft Edge).