Publisher account still isn't verified since november

Hello Brave Community !

I’m sorry if I post on the wrong place,

My problem is the same since november 2018… My publisher account don’t look as verified on my browser. I did the KYC and my Uphold account is linked. I can reinstall all the time I want, I still don’t look as verified.

I was told to wait for the 8 of the month, but since I’m pretty sure all the tips I would have get are gone in the nature

But I don’t care about the money, I just want my publisher account, already linked to my youtube account, to be available for Brave users

Thanks by advance

@c.kiss.baatar can you share a screenshot of your publisher account? Especially the channel section. You can edit your screenshot first and removed any personal info (email, name, etc) before upload it.

Did you connect your YT/Twitch/website?

It seems your YT channel also appears as unverified on my end.

Thanks for the fast reply @eljuno

Here is a screen of my publisher account :

Thanks for the confirmation and apologize for late response, @c.kiss.baatar.

cc @asad @steeven for additional assistance here.

I’m not sure why on the channel section, it’s showing your email instead of your channel name. It maybe the cause of your issue.

Can you try to re-verify your channel?

Hi @c.kiss.baatar,

Sorry for the difficulty here. When clicking into your channel link, I received a notification that the channel does not exist.

When you get the chance, please try to re-add and re-verify your channel, and we can take a look from there.

Thank you!

Thanks guys ! @eljuno @steeven

I just delete and re-register my channel on my publisher board. Currently waiting the verification.

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