Publisher Account problem

Hello Brave team, last week i saw my BAT Balance on Publisher account 106.xx it’s from my work installing brave browser on my Sold PC on my PC shop every day and from promoting brave on my youtube gaming channel and youtube tutorial hardware channel,

to be honest, i start joined brave publisher since mid 2019 and always got monthly payment from this publisher campaign, it’s my first time facing error like this, from 106 balance last week i check now it become unavailable. where to clarify or to who i have to asking about how to solve this
any answer about this?

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Don’t worry it’s a system error.This problem had occurred before.So no need to worry about it.

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i’ve read some change on the publisher rule and region, that’s why i directly asking here in case there’s any other facing same issue with me, coz my region are under fraudulent suspected country

I have also the same problem and i thing all publishers account have the same problem right now.So don’t worry.But i don’t know that will you get any reward from your refferal promotion if you are from those region which have been blocked from refferal program

yes bro, July bat credit are showing now, but it didn’t pay out. i guess many people facing same too?

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