Publisher account not showing as verified but did previously

I’m using BRAVE browser and I previously had verified my site and it stated it was verified, but now it’s stating it’s not verified when i go to my site to check it? When others go to my site and leave my site open, they are not seeing ads show up either and as a result i have no BAT for ad placements.

Please help.


I misspelled it. Sorry about that. TYPO.

yes i am also facing the same issue

i am unable sent the tip my youtube creater. he is a verified creater and i am sending him tip for past few months but what happed noew

Hi @katelynnheartcams, thanks for reporting! When did you verify your channel?

Hi @katelynnheartcams, the team is currently investigating this issue.

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last week. My friend says it shows as not verified on her pc too. But it shows as verified on my mobile phone. All different internet connections. On my mac, it shows as not verified.

Thanks for the additional info @katelynnheartcams. The team is currently investigating the cause of this.

i am facing the same issue as well from yesterday.

2 days ago it was working fine.

it seems to possibly be a compatibility issue with the website i used to build my website in. WIX. Or maybe a browser issue. It’s weird, because I can look at it on my phone and it says verified within the BRAVE browser. But if i look at it on my MAC inside the BRAVE browser it says not verified. ??? So i don’t know.

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