Publisher account - Not got paid for last three months


Someone tipped me on my github account and three months back. I still did not receive the payment into my Uphold account. My github page is verified and my publisher account is connected to Uphold. What should I do to get my tips deposited into my Uphold account? my github page is

Thank you.

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HI @murthydevarakonda - can you DM me the email linked to your account? Thanks!

@steeven I shared my email ID in a DM with you. Please let me know if you have an update for me. Thank you.

@steeven, I will truly appreciate your response on this issue. Thank you.

Taking a look now @murthydevarakonda!

Try disconnecting and reconnecting your Uphold account (click disconnect from the publisher dashboard, underneath “Your Uphold Wallet”.

@steeven, I just did that. Do I need to wait till February 8th to see the funds in my Uphold account?

Hi @murthydevarakonda, yes, the next payment will deposit then.

Hello @steeven I still did not receive the deposit. It is frustrating. Please let me know when will I receive those tokens.

Thank you.

They told me it will be paid at next circle, but I have not received my BAT for 3 months.

@steeven any update on this issue? I am still waiting get paid on my publisher account. Please provide a reason why I was not paid. It is ridiculous.