Publisher account - Not got paid for last three months


Someone tipped me on my github account and three months back. I still did not receive the payment into my Uphold account. My github page is verified and my publisher account is connected to Uphold. What should I do to get my tips deposited into my Uphold account? my github page is

Thank you.

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HI @murthydevarakonda - can you DM me the email linked to your account? Thanks!

@steeven I shared my email ID in a DM with you. Please let me know if you have an update for me. Thank you.

@steeven, I will truly appreciate your response on this issue. Thank you.

Taking a look now @murthydevarakonda!

Try disconnecting and reconnecting your Uphold account (click disconnect from the publisher dashboard, underneath “Your Uphold Wallet”.

@steeven, I just did that. Do I need to wait till February 8th to see the funds in my Uphold account?

Hi @murthydevarakonda, yes, the next payment will deposit then.

Hello @steeven I still did not receive the deposit. It is frustrating. Please let me know when will I receive those tokens.

Thank you.

They told me it will be paid at next circle, but I have not received my BAT for 3 months.

@steeven any update on this issue? I am still waiting get paid on my publisher account. Please provide a reason why I was not paid. It is ridiculous.

Hi @murthydevarakonda - thanks for refreshing the thread. Did you try disconnecting and reconnecting your Uphold account within the creators dashboard?

@steeven this is ridiculous. You asked me disconnect and connect back a while back and I did that. After that you mentioned that I need to wait for payment day. I waited. Now you are restarting the whole thing again. Don’t you have any logs or something on your side to see why the payments are failing? The whole thing looks silly to me. Your support is subpar. It is not the first time I received subpar support from Brave.


Hi @murthydevarakonda - thank you for confirming that you attempted to disconnect and reconnect your Uphold. Can you confirm that you see Verified Wallet in the top left hand corner?

@steeven, My publisher account is connected to uphold and you can see that 23.99 BAT has been pending. This has been like that for last few months.

My BAT wallet is verified. Please see the screenshot below.


When will I get 23.99 BAT into my Uphold account?

I am going to leave a comment here so I see how the Brave team will help you.

paid on Mar 8…

Thank you @murthydevarakonda. As far as I can tell on my end it looks like the payment should process as expected on the 8th. I will review with my colleague @Asad if that does not happen.

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@steeven I have not received the funds again this month also. It is so ridiculous that Brave support team cannot find the reason for not transferring the funds to Uphold. Please let me know how you will resolve this issue.

Thank you.