Publisher Account Has Negative Balance For Next Month, Initial Report Was 26~BAT And Has Shifted to -10.45BAT

My Publisher Account Now Has A Negative Balance For Next Month, Even Though I Actively Worked To Supplement Its Balance. The Initial Report Had At Least 26~BAT And Has Shifted to -10.45BAT And I Have No Idea Or Explanation. I have put the work in and i do not want to be let astray from falter.

The image shows how i uploaded 26BAT to the creator account, I obtained them from viciously watching ads and singing up for Newsletter after Newsletter…Please help me obtain my rewards because i put a lot of heart and passion into these ads so that i may better promote the greatness that is Brave, We cannot Falter Like This.

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Closed as duplicate of Known Brave Rewards bug being fixed - negative BAT balance