Publisher account bug


Hello, I just was emailed today about my publisher account and attempted to login to my account, it said I didn’t have one so I tried to see if I could try and make a new one. I did as instructed but when attempting to do so, I couldn’t login. Any help would be nice


cc: @alex @nvonpentz for support


I have the same issue. Apparently in the midst of them upgrading to make things better they have essentially made things worse. This reminds me of the old saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.


@Midnight - could you please post the sites/YouTube channels you have verified so we can help troubleshoot?



My youtube channel name is Midnight darkwolf


Hi @Midnight,

I was successfully sent a login link to the email address associated with the publisher account that owns the Midnight Darkwolf youtube channel. Please check your email address and let me know if you received the email, and if you successfully logged in. If you do not know which email it was sent to, please DM me. The login links expire after 30 minutes, but you should be able to send yourself another one if that is the case.




The link does work thankyou but now trying to to scan the QR code, doesn’t work and it won’t let me use the code it gives me


@Midnight Are you locked out of your account?

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