Publication of my referral link in comments

hello … friends I have a content channel something new, would it be wrong if I promote and advertise with my referral link in the comments to the people who comment on the videos,? I explain myself better when I see interesting videos, I tell them separately, I tell them how wonderful the brave browser is and I send them my reference link to download if they wish…
Well, would that be wrong or not? By doing that, I would be violating the terms or not

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Hi @mariaparra,
Posting your own referral link on your own content if fine

and if I also publish it in the comments and channels where am I subscribed ??? At the time of subscribing I send him a comment where I explain the wonderfulness of the channel and next to that comment I add my reference link

Can you elaborate? Are you commenting on your videos? or the videos of someone else?

I comment my videos with my referral link and apart I also comment the videos of another person and I write this ““Excellent video, I support you and I hope the same from
you.Besides, I invite you to use this wonderful browser that
remove advertising from your videos””

Yeah, that should be fine

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