Public Wifi in german trains

thank you for the great browser - love it very much.

For people who travel a lot: They have to login often in public Wifi of trains.
To login into the Wifi of german trains you have to accept the terms of conditions on a special URI.
Brave don’t find this URI automaticly, while chrome, firefox or other browser do.

Two URL are:
For “Deutsche Bahn”:
Hotspot Login
For “Westfahlen Bahn”:
Internet Zugang | Unwired Networks WiFi

This list is not complete, it could be that other german trains have different sites where to login to their Wifi.
It would be great if you could implement auto-detection of the login-Site of the connected public Wifi - so it’s easier for users to login while they’re traveling.

If you need other URIs of login sites of public wifi of german trains, I’m ready to help, to collect them.

Thank you a lot for your great work meanwhile and the Brave Browser!
Greetings from Germany