PSA: YouTube Adblock Detection

unfortunately i dont see a scenario where Youtube will give up on this

Nobody needs them to. Ads, trackers, scammers, viruses, malware, etc will always exist. If anyone thinks that any of that is going to go away or people will “give up,” then I don’t know what to tell you.

All we can ever do is make sure to keep updating things and fight back. Adblockers are doing part of this in maintaining privacy and all. YouTube is getting billions of dollars each year from YouTube, so they have plenty of incentive to try to force people to watch ads or pay for premium subscriptions.

This actually started back around June of this year and has been ongoing. They just recently ramped up activity with it.

Well, number one way would be for people to stop using YouTube. If they get hit hard enough by people not sharing content there and watching videos, then they will have no choice but to rethink things. But at this point in time, Google/YouTube is the primary place people run to.

Tiktok was competing but then governments started trying to limit it. You have Rumble, but not sure that people have been really running there…especially since it was affiliated more with Donald Trump supporters. Twitch isn’t really all that good.

As always, people will determine what happens based on their time, attention, and money.

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ideally it would be handy to disable the shield on youtube permanently with a savable setting as in my case l use ublock origin also and while brave shield is a good adblocker it doesnt catch everything.
i would suggest that brave devs allow youtube only through the shield or they risk loosing users.

I’ve been sticking with Brave for YouTube but I signed out of all YouTube and google accounts on all my machines. I admit that now i only watch 1 or 2 a day but so far they are leaving me alone. I used to spend all day on YouTube, but they are useless for the most part for now. Brave is now my go to browser but I have Firefox and Edge. I used to have chrome but uninstalled it when this YouTube attack on our freedom to be ad free started. YouTube once a day on Brave seems to be ok but not signed in.

There seems to be a bit of noise on this topic thread. Hate to add to it, but maybe this could help:

For anyone double-duty’ing Brave’s shields with an adblocker such as AdBlock or uBlock Origin, etc., try disabling all secondary adblocking extensions first and keep Sheilds up.

The combo was efficient until a day ago for me (but had been spotty before that, too), but started to let the player block notice through again. After disabling secondary blockers, everything went back to normal. I use AdBlock in conjunction, so that tells me Youtube is detecting their particular methods of blocking at the very least.

@HuntingHawk it’s not that. It’s a constant back and forth. Brave is keeping on top of things overall but occasionally someone will experience it. #1 issue tends to be people using extensions, even if they aren’t “adblock” extensions. Keeping the browser as “vanilla” as possible seems to work well.

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What YouTube does might be illegal under EU law. YouTube has been reported to the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC).

@marko30 thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be true according to the research I’ve done. Much of what people focus on is the discussion and rulings in 2016. But then you had things appear a bit later, which you kind of see in the links below:

There have been no rulings after to contradict this decision. It’s possible that this could lead into deeper discussion and have something implemented, but as of now there’s no violation of any law or regulation from anything I can find.

Keep in mind, always do research when you see articles. There are a lot of things that go around off of outdated information or where things are twisted to fit a certain narrative. Here in 2023, you’ll constantly see articles making claims that are far from the truth and people tend to run with it and share them widely, spreading the misinformation.

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I use the Brave browser. I’ve turned off Shields for, and have turned off Malwarebytes’ blocking of Ads/Trackers for youtube, cleared cookies for the site, refreshed the page and STILL continually get adblocker warnings and video service turned off. I tried using Chrome today, made sure I turned off any adblockers for the youtube, and it worked… for a short time. Now they have blocked video service on that browser as well, despite having complied! I’ve reported the issue multiple times, with zero response. Their ‘capture screenshot’ utility in their reporting feature is useless as it will not screenshot the Brave Shields and Malwarebytes pop-up windows in the browser proving that they are disabled. This is utterly ridiculous!

Malwarebytes extension would probbaly cause issues, Shields by itself will still block the detection (with the latest component update).

Many extensions (adblock/privacy/youtube-related) will cause issues with youtube, since the rules are updated daily and since these other extensions aren’t updated regularly. Brave and uBO get blamed for breakage or ads.

  1. Make sure brave://components Brave Ad Block Updater is the latest
  2. Test in private window mode, no extensions.
  3. Clear cookies and cache and then relogin. (Important)
  4. Check

There maybe a delay when an youtube uBO update is out and when Brave gets it (around an hour).

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I have not only turned off Malwarebytes Ads/Trackers blocking for youtube, but also tried turning off everything on Malwarebytes for youtube, and it still issues warnings and blocks video service.

The only thing that has worked so far is to open a Private Window and go to youtube that way.

@staginglt sometimes having on still can do. You’d have to completely remove perhaps. Or like, if you create a new browser profile and test without installing the extensions, does it occur?

The browser should be kept as close to “stock” or “vanilla” as can be. The more you add to it or modify, the more chances for things to happen. This has especially been the headache with YouTube.

Private window disabled all extensions by default. So when it works in private, it’s generally considered that it’s an extension causing a problem. If not that, only other thing to consider are cookies. They are the only two things that change between normal and private.

Try disabling the extension completely and also any other extension. then see if that works

Would clear cookies/cache, then restart Brave

Libretube is for Youtube Videos and ViMusic is for YTMusic. These 2 apps for enjoy without ads

do we have any bans or disabled accounts yet?

From what I understand of the warning messages of “banned accounts”, Just clearing cookies/local/session storage will fix it. Its not permanently banned

Google is completely blocking adblockers if it detects your account has had too many failed ad loads.

You need to implement spoofing for youtube.

I found disabling the Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension entirely (i.e. in the “Manage extensions” window) fixed it for me.

Just using Easylist (like Brave). Safe to just use Brave shields. Also not sure how often they update so a fix we rollout asap won’t land in other extensions straight away.