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  1. Things like missing payments or checking if your account might be flagged/suspended will not be responded to by staff, except to tell you to message them. If you have those issues, it’s best to contact staff directly.

what do we do if we’ve contacted staff directly and they haven’t responded in 2 months?

If you have provided all the information needed, generally would message again and then create a Topic advising of the situation and how you’ve messaged them. Then ask @steeven and/or @Mattches if they can provide any updates for you.

okay, thanks. i’ll try again for updates and create a thread if i havent heard back in a while.

Hola y por ejemplo, adónde reclamo que mi pago aún no llega? Por qué mando un mail y me dicen que reclamé en la comunidad Brave?

English Transalation:
Hello and for example, where do I claim that my payment has not yet arrived? Why do I send an email and they tell me that I complained in the Brave community?

Hola, responderé en tu tema vinculado a continuación.

Hi, I will respond in your topic linked below.

debes hacer un reclamo formal…eso significa que debes dar unos datos importantes para seguir de cerca tu caso y poder aclarar tu situacion…usa este enlace

Hola Alejandro, si ya pude envíar el fórmulario, muchas Gracias!?

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Just a FYI…I’ve just updated part of contact. For a while, Steeven and Mattches had been asking people to DM them with information if there were issues with ads or payments. That has changed and now it’s being requested you complete a service ticket so they can help.

Tickets can be submitted at

Also, device limits should be getting removed soon. When they do, I will remove that from the FAQ. In the meanwhile, be advised that the most recent update is:


Ok, so just did an overhaul of the FAQ here by changing the format and removing some of the older information that no longer applies. If anyone sees any typos/mistakes OR if you see anything that you think is not listed and should be here, please let me know.



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