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Hi Sir,

Why my brave rewards sent the month of February while my January rewards didn’t sent brave publishers to my Uphold account?

Hoping for your kind assistance.



In the “why still seeing ads” section, did you really mean, a “war of attrition”? Not “arms race,” “duel,” or even “whack-a-mole game”?

I don’t see the attrition analogy working here. This is a contest between many cheap attacks, against fixed, relatively costly defenses; not a fairly symmetrical trading of strike and counterstrike until losses drive all but one participant out of the contest.

Despite that minor matter of phrasing, I thank you for your very useful article.

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Yeah, I did. A war of attrition is referencing the idea that money or personnel which diminishes as a direct act. Whoever runs out of the resources first, loses.

An arms race or other types of analogy does apply but it feels like it only hits part of it. Arms race is just stockpiling weapons and trying to have the best technology. But that can continue forever. It also misses a key element of what we have going on.

I guess a quick summary is they are not only competing over best technology, but they are competing with each other on which methods of advertising is best, who can profit the most, and who can have the biggest impact on consumers and businesses. Brave is literally trying to do away with old fashioned advertising on websites where people don’t have to deal with popups and all. But in that, they are also trying to push the method of paying consumers to see and interact with ads. The way to victory is to cause the competition to lose money and no longer efficiently profit from the older methods.

So money, amount of Users, advertisers, etc. They are competing to take those resources for themselves, until the opponent no longer can afford to keep going. But as long as either side can get enough money to advertise and users who engage with their ads, they will continue to have the resources and incentive to try to keep expanding on their technology…essentially keep participating in the arms race. To win the arms race, you have to strip them of their money and other resources.

Maybe there are better phrases to use but that was kind of what I had in my mind as I was writing about it.,


Interesting take.

To me, the essence of a contest like that between Brave and the “marketing teams and websites” you mention, is the iterative improvement which the relationship forces upon both parties.

Every new attack that finds a way through, forces defense to improve, which in turn breeds more novel attacks.

That’s also the essence of an arms race. That’s why “arms race” is so often used as an analogy for the way diseases, and relationships such as parasitism or predation, drive co-evolution. Flower and pollinator, wasp and cockroach, cougar and deer, or Covid and antibodies: continually teaching each other new tricks.

(It’s also used for the dynamics of competition within species, but that dynamic is more like the one you spoke of: pouring more and more energy into mating displays, for instance.)

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No, you don’t have to destroy the competition. Not at all. You just have to survive with a fractionally better profit margin or higher satisfaction.

Selection pressure favours whoever is better adapted to current circumstances. As circumstances change, you just have to continue to survive, whether by brute force (dumb strategy but deep pockets) or efficiency, by originality or just by apt imitation.


Hello Mr.
what happened to my rewards for March 2022 they were not credited and now I can’t find it

My March rewards have not been credited to my account.

Hello Guys. So wonder if anybody can help me. I just installed a fresh windows on my same laptop and Uphold will not let me verify with brave again, because the max number of devices was reached. Moreover, My PC on which I still have a verified instance has to be changed because it is old. I cannot use gemini since it asks for US number which I do not have. What can I do to be able to still use uphold on my new PC and my freshly installed Windows? Thanks

@DC070989 This is the manual way to switch devices- Read detailed info and this should save your Uphold slot as well.

Note that after transfer of the folder, you will have to remove your browser in the old machine (only after later starts working, of course) as you can’t use both of them simultaneously. If you try this out, do post an update.

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  1. Things like missing payments or checking if your account might be flagged/suspended will not be responded to by staff, except to tell you to message them. If you have those issues, it’s best to contact staff directly.

what do we do if we’ve contacted staff directly and they haven’t responded in 2 months?

If you have provided all the information needed, generally would message again and then create a Topic advising of the situation and how you’ve messaged them. Then ask @steeven and/or @Mattches if they can provide any updates for you.

okay, thanks. i’ll try again for updates and create a thread if i havent heard back in a while.

Hola y por ejemplo, adónde reclamo que mi pago aún no llega? Por qué mando un mail y me dicen que reclamé en la comunidad Brave?

English Transalation:
Hello and for example, where do I claim that my payment has not yet arrived? Why do I send an email and they tell me that I complained in the Brave community?

Hola, responderé en tu tema vinculado a continuación.

Hi, I will respond in your topic linked below.

debes hacer un reclamo formal…eso significa que debes dar unos datos importantes para seguir de cerca tu caso y poder aclarar tu situacion…usa este enlace

Hola Alejandro, si ya pude envíar el fórmulario, muchas Gracias!?

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Just a FYI…I’ve just updated part of contact. For a while, Steeven and Mattches had been asking people to DM them with information if there were issues with ads or payments. That has changed and now it’s being requested you complete a service ticket so they can help.

Tickets can be submitted at

Also, device limits should be getting removed soon. When they do, I will remove that from the FAQ. In the meanwhile, be advised that the most recent update is:


Ok, so just did an overhaul of the FAQ here by changing the format and removing some of the older information that no longer applies. If anyone sees any typos/mistakes OR if you see anything that you think is not listed and should be here, please let me know.



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