PSA: Unsupported Region

You’re still receiving BAT in your wallet because it has not disconnected yet on your laptop. Whereas on your phone the wallet’s got disconnected. It usually remains connected up to 90 days and then it asks for re-verification.

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Question Any updates on unsupported regions?

Answer No, not yet. We have a bit of a timing update. There are things we are waiting on Uphold for at this point, some of their changes that are going into place. I cast some shade here, but they were supposed to have completed by now and I think they are getting pushed off one more week.

Again, I hope we have some better news on that here soon. We’re waiting on that to bring back some regions. But there’s more work to be done to bring even more back. Still, pushed back a little bit but hoping any week now we can get better news.

Question It was mentioned in the past that we’d be doing Brazil added and then immediately after, India. When you mentioned waiting on Uphold to make some changes so countries can be brought back, is this going to be only Brazil and/or India, or will this include other countries?

Answer We’ll have to see. I think right now it’s primarily Brazil and maybe some other countries. Before that though, there’s more work to be done before we can get to India.


Wir dürfen kein Geld mehr bekommen…

Spent some time listening to the call again and modified my post to reflect more specifics on what was said. Still doesn’t tell us much, but wanted to make sure to be direct in what was said. Not only in questions I asked but also in what they answered.

It’s a lot said and some additional updates that I failed to mention when I first posted/updated a couple days ago. I edited out prior post/comment because it was phrased a bit unfairly, plus I’d rather focus on more accurate info. So yeah…just posting so anyone following can see the more accurate and detailed response from the last Community Call.

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