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Hi! I´m new in this Brave thing so I’m a bit lost. I’m from Argentina and few month ago I downloaded Brave in my computer and phone I used to receive the profits from both but now I just recive from one of them.
When I tried to fix I saw that uphold was desconected and I couldn´t reconected because it wasn´t authorize in my area, but I hadn´t have any problem before. Could you help me? Thaks.

@Lara_P Just want to let you know you’re asking this question in the very thread that answers your question(s). You’d know everything you needed if you had read it, instead of repeating the question again. So I will suggest you go read (not everyones comments, but my primary at the very beginning, which I constantly update.)

Short answer: You can do nothing. Argentina and many other countries aren’t supported right now. You can earn BAT but you can’t link to Uphold or Gemini. All you can do is be patient until they add countries again.

sad to hear that…
hoping it will be fix the soon.

Thanks for the reply sir.

@Saoiray hey I’m having issues with my Uphold account. I was in Germany when I initially opened my account several years ago, then I moved to Ireland and I never had direct issue with this. Last week when I was on vacation, Brave disconnected from Uphold, I thought it was related to my location but now I’m in Ireland again and it’s not connecting and saying it’s unsupported. I checked Uphold to update my address to Ireland assuming that it was the problme, I contacted Uphold and even re-did my verification with Uphold ( changed location and did verification once again ) but I’m still seeing this:
" Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time."
Ireland supposed to be supported country - what to do in this case?

Did this include sending the Ireland ID and/or picture of yourself? If so, how long ago? If fairly recent.

As you suggested, one of the major issues people have been having is a mismatch between their KYC info and actual location. If they still have your Germany passport or other paperwork associated with your account, then there would be issues.

Overall, it would be Uphold to speak with to verify they have the current info and that they can make sure it’s updated in the part the API uses to communicate with Brave.

That said, you may also want to create a Support Ticket here on Brave, but only do that if you know you’ve submitted everything for KYC/AML (which means includes photo ID for Ireland) to Uphold. This will just allow Evan123, SaltyBanana, or others to try to check things from their end as best they can. Just make sure in the support ticket you provide as much info as possible, including your wallet payment ID from brave://rewards-internals, the email associated with your Uphold account, when you updated documents/ID and which country they are from, etc.

I finished it this morning. Included my valid ID, did KYC and also provided Irish address proof. I’m not an Irish citizen, so I don’t have Irish ID. And I didn’t use my Irish Residence Permit because it wasn’t recognized by their OCR.
But according to Uphold it’s totally fine to use any valid ID and as long as my address proof is matching up with my location, they are able to update their information as well.

I don’t see the connection between my country of citizenship and Brave’s Ads. Why would Brave care where I born and got my citizenship while Uphold already did their KYC and verified everything with their process?

You should still be able to get something if you’re living there. Photo ID is necessary.

  • Hold a valid government-issued photo ID (Passport, National ID card, or Driver’s license).
    Note: We only accept IDs written in Latin, Cyrillic or Greek alphabet. The ID must be valid for at least 3 months.
  • Make sure you are in a well-lit room with a plain background.

They don’t care about where you’re born. They care that all the information matches with itself and to make sure you’re not committing fraud. Guess let me paint an example using current circumstances.

Let’s pretend you’re from Russia. Due to sanctions, you can’t receive money at Uphold or other American companies. Now you decide to tell Uphold that you moved and are living in France. Are they supposed to just believe you and start sending money to you even though you honestly still live in Russia and are a resident of Russia, but you’re just trying to BS your way through by saying you live in France?

But it goes a bit deeper than that. It’s KYC/AML.

If you’re living in a country, it would mean you have a visa or some sort of approval. In those cases you actually can get an ID or Driver’s License through that country to prove your residency. And the reason why they generally require Photo ID with is is because of the same, it’s very easy to put a name and address down on something, even sending it to a friend and having them send it back. Then you’d be like “here, I’ve received mail at this location.”

At least is how things have been explained to me by Uphold and others before. As they said, it’s important they keep track for the KYC/AML purposes, but also so they can make sure they are reporting information to the right governments for tax purposes.

All of that aside, if you just finished it this morning, you likely would need to give it time anyway. You can always put in a support ticket here just in case Brave can help in the meanwhile. I’ll also tag @Evan123 to see if he has any further advice and if he can confirm or correct me in anything I just said in this response.

Thanks for the explanation but I already know what KYC/AML is and why all these processes are in place. The issue that is, while Uphold is accepting my identification/documents and allowing me to finish my verification, why Brave is claiming that my region is not supported - while it’s clearly supported for Uphold because my Wallet for Uphold is active and usable.

Uphold is subject to KYC regulations and checks. Whereas Brave isn’t. And it’s not compliant to these rules and they don’t have to be, this is the entire reason why Brave isn’t handling the verification process but rather relying on Gemini or Uphold. So this is not Brave’s job to check if person is in “supported” region or not. Because as I said previously, Brave isn’t audited for checking and deciding this. If Uphold says “Hey Lithuania isn’t supported anymore, I won’t take applications from there anymore” then Brave can put this information on their page and be done with it. But if someone manages to open an account in Uphold in Lithuania somehow, it’s not Brave’s concern to verify validity of that person’s location and wallet. It’s Uphold’s responsibility.

Anyway, all these aside, I hope this is a temporary issue and would go away in a few days. If not, I will create a bug ticket since this clearly looks like a bug if it persists.

It’s a weird situation. Brave can’t see your information at Uphold, yet there is some communication between their servers/computers via API. It’s very limited in how it shows. If Uphold’s back end has your Passport for a country, such as yours from Germany, then it gets passed on to Brave’s back end that you’re in Germany.

Uphold has their own little verification process and their front end, which is what you’re dealing with. And yes, it gets annoying. Like in the past I had verified with Uphold and went to connect my Rewards, but it didn’t let me. The issue ended up being that in my profile, I didn’t have my zip code and other little details. Uphold had all of that information from documents I submitted, but the API used info from the Profile. Since I didn’t have zip code for mailing address, the API told Brave that I didn’t complete verification.

It does become very confusing. As I mentioned to someone from Brave the other day, you’d think if Brave’s system could tell where people were KYC’d, you’d think that their Support Team could as well and that it would be better balanced. But it’s just part of the agreements made between Brave and Uphold, where they just don’t have that much access for privacy purposes.

Hence, the issue here, what is Uphold communicating with Brave on the back end. If it’s showing your Germany passport and has that there, then Brave’s system is going to see you in Germany. And as of this moment, Germany is not supported by Uphold and also is not a region that Brave is supporting in terms of linking Rewards.

Actually, they are. This is actually one of the major reasons why Brave suddenly stopped supporting all of these regions. There was government pushback and so Brave had to roll things back and are working on adjusting a lot of things to prevent fraud and to make sure proper reporting and all is done.

Keep in mind that currently under Uphold, Brave actually is doing direct deposits to Uphold in order to fund the BAT you receive there. They aren’t sending pure BAT. This is set to be changing, but it is how it is right now. Whereas on Gemini, they just send vBAT and that gets handled directly by Gemini.

This isn’t like you’re mining crypto or something. These are international transactions and are payments for something, all of which fall under a lot of categories. Laws are strict, especially when dealing with crypto. It gets confusing as heck, so I understand where you’re coming from. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as you make it sound.

really hopping for the best here in the Philippines :facepunch:

Not true, I have a Gemini account and cannot verify!

Then Brave shouldn’t check where person’s passport is from but rather should check if person is verified for Uphold or not. That’s it. Even I cannot access which document I used to verify myself in Uphold, as customer all I can see is my address, residence location, name, surname etc so if Brave is getting which document I used, they should be getting somewhere from Uphold, on purpose. Uphold should just provide location + verification status. That’s all. After all, Brave is the one who collaborated with Uphold, so they should request proper API for getting the data from them. If they can’t provide that, they should seek new partners. I know it’s easy for me to say this, but this is a very basic thing to do and I don’t understand how this is causing issure right now. I also contacted Uphold and asked them to verify my location and explained issue with Brave. I’m not sure what they will say.

This is news to me. Any source and auditors that I can check to verify this? Because “Country X putting pressure on Brave” isn’t technically an audit.

Would you suggest using Gemini instead of Uphold in this case? If I understood correctly, you are saying that Gemini’s process is less annoying than Uphold because of the monetary exchange value involved in Uphold, right?

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didnt follow this thread for a month now. Any updates??

Still working on bringing Brazil back for verification and then going to try bringing India back

Newest update:

Brave has Brazil situated and is waiting for Uphold to turn in some options and make adjustments on their end. They said that ideally it’s going to be happening within the next few days.

I didn’t get clarification if this is just Brazil or if others will be active at the same time. So I guess we’ll all be waiting together this week to see what they tell us.

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@Saoiray Does this apply to the Gemini wallet as well? Or are they just working to free Uphold?

@JhonRiodeJaneiro Uncertain. I only know when I asked on the call about the status of Brazil, he mentioned it was pretty much all set and they were just waiting for Uphold to turn on some options. I was late to the call and didn’t think to ask about Gemini. Sorry about that.

hi, what about Turkiye on behalf of support Uphold wallet? Are there any news?

When can nigerians be able to link their uphold to the brave browser?

well that means I have to move out of the country to be able to brave my gemini. it actually looks like this