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Hello from Malaysia, may I know when will brave reward reenable connection with Uphold in Malaysia?

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I’m From Sri Lanka with the same Issue. Can you take necessary action to restore Uphold verification again to my country?

Just started having this problem in Mexico, where my region is not supported after I reconnect. Curiously enough, my cellphone device is not affected, only my desktop one.

That’s because the limitation is on connecting or reconnecting. So originally both were connected prior to them stopping support for Uphold/Gemini. While connected, you received payments. Once it dropped, such as your desktop did, then you can’t connect again until they resolve it. Eventually your cell phone will also disconnect and not be able to link again.

Please read everything in this original topic up top. Everything is explained. Action is being taken. But nobody knows how long it will be. They just added France, next is Brazil and India. It will likely be several months before everyone is added again.

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Please notify me when India will be available :wink:

hi, in my case everything is correct, and I don’t use VPN. I put a ticket and they did nothing, just a general reply.

Removed this post/comment…combined two posts, which made mine more inaccurate. Let me go respond to the other person and then put what I was saying here for Eddie over where it belongs. sigh

Sorry for any confusion.

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Update! Brazil is now able to connect to Gemini and Uphold!

@CreeperPC1, @Maustoth, @MateusDSP, @Zaoan, @yurymota, @gustavochaves

Wanted to tag you because I knew each of you asked about it and mentioned from Brazil not long ago.


Hi @LdSe, Spain is a supported region on our end for Uphold verification. Can you confirm that the documentation that you initially submitted for Uphold KYC was from Spain, and no documentation was submitted from a different country at any point in your KYC process? Thanks in advance. Want to ensure that I’m fully understanding your case.

Thanks for letting me know!

Will the Philippines ever be back to connect Gemini and Uphold?

I get it that they stopped it last January due to a violation of terms, and as I read your explanations, it can be concluded that my country won’t be likely to connect anymore.

However, it is kind of unfair to punish an entire country. There are people here who used brave rewards and followed its terms and conditions. It is better to track those specific wallet addresses and ban them than an entire country.

Currently, sorry to say this, but our sole purpose of brave rewards is just a BAT donator.

I’ve never gotten a straight answer when I’ve asked. They aren’t saying it won’t be added but they haven’t talked about Philippines and Vietnam as a priority either. Unfortunately there is very little they have announced to anyone in terms of all the reasons why they’ve stopped or anything. The only official thing really put out publicly was Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability

What I can say is in some conversations I’ve had, they showed hesitation. In it they did say they want to be available for all countries, but just said the situation in Philippines is unique and a bit of a challenge, so it’s something to be evaluated again in the future (no timeline given)

That’s about all I can say for now.

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Right, I only provided my NIE (the foreigner resident document) , since I’ve registered in Uphold after I moved to Spain. Also, Uphold confirmed that anything “Spain related” on my account seemed to be correct.

Thanks for the follow up!

I confirm, operational again in FRANCE


The same thing happened to me

Thanks, I still have some BAT’s there, but is too little to withdral lol

Phooey. Just updated, but last night they turned off Brazil again. They claim it’s only for a few days, so hopefully we’ll see it back up and going here really soon.

Please don’t ever use that as an insult. You’d be shocked to find out who is autistic and what they have accomplished in life. People like Tim Burton, Anthony Hopkins, Elon Musk, and quite a bit more. Not to mention, I’m actually on the spectrum and kind of take it a bit personally when seeing things like that.

I actually talked about this back at Psa: updates from brave call

The quote they had in regards to adding other exchanges was:

The process in having a business relationship with exchanges is more difficult than Users may realize. There are a lot of fees and other arrangements that need to be set up to happen.

That said, we are in talks with multiple and hoping to reach new deals to expand offerings. In fact, we can’t give details, but we have a major deal we’re hoping to reach soon that would make Users very happy. We are also always reaching out and trying to do business with other companies, but it takes time.

Keep in mind it’s not like they can just say, “hey, we want to let our users connect to your service.” The places actually have to see a benefit to it. This would be them having to do all the KYC/AML process, set up ways to interact with Brave, have a fee agreement everyone would agree to, etc. If both sides can’t agree over numbers or terms, then it doesn’t happen.

Best way to try to get it going is to get together as Users and make that request of places like Binance. Would take things like discussed over at Vote: Can we get binance as an option to verify Brave rewards wallet? - #3 by NoiGS

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Brave basically did a middle finger to all users who accumulated BAT and restricted Uphold sync to only a few selected countries, but the option to receieve ad is still on naturally :))). I just go through disable brave ads on all my devices until my country is added back again. Scammer company.


Today’s update via Community Call didn’t say much, just that they are working to get Brazil and India going ASAP. Hoping to get other countries back quick too. When asked about whether regions should be supported by the end of the year, they said most should definitely be added before then.

While that’s still not saying much, at least we now have an end game in mind, which will be hoping everyone is back up and running in the next few months. Some won’t be, but that’s just how life works. So let’s cross our fingers and hope things work out.