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Right, I only provided my NIE (the foreigner resident document) , since I’ve registered in Uphold after I moved to Spain. Also, Uphold confirmed that anything “Spain related” on my account seemed to be correct.

Thanks for the follow up!

I confirm, operational again in FRANCE


The same thing happened to me

Thanks, I still have some BAT’s there, but is too little to withdral lol

Phooey. Just updated, but last night they turned off Brazil again. They claim it’s only for a few days, so hopefully we’ll see it back up and going here really soon.

Please don’t ever use that as an insult. You’d be shocked to find out who is autistic and what they have accomplished in life. People like Tim Burton, Anthony Hopkins, Elon Musk, and quite a bit more. Not to mention, I’m actually on the spectrum and kind of take it a bit personally when seeing things like that.

I actually talked about this back at Psa: updates from brave call

The quote they had in regards to adding other exchanges was:

The process in having a business relationship with exchanges is more difficult than Users may realize. There are a lot of fees and other arrangements that need to be set up to happen.

That said, we are in talks with multiple and hoping to reach new deals to expand offerings. In fact, we can’t give details, but we have a major deal we’re hoping to reach soon that would make Users very happy. We are also always reaching out and trying to do business with other companies, but it takes time.

Keep in mind it’s not like they can just say, “hey, we want to let our users connect to your service.” The places actually have to see a benefit to it. This would be them having to do all the KYC/AML process, set up ways to interact with Brave, have a fee agreement everyone would agree to, etc. If both sides can’t agree over numbers or terms, then it doesn’t happen.

Best way to try to get it going is to get together as Users and make that request of places like Binance. Would take things like discussed over at Vote: Can we get binance as an option to verify Brave rewards wallet? - #3 by NoiGS

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Brave basically did a middle finger to all users who accumulated BAT and restricted Uphold sync to only a few selected countries, but the option to receieve ad is still on naturally :))). I just go through disable brave ads on all my devices until my country is added back again. Scammer company.


Today’s update via Community Call didn’t say much, just that they are working to get Brazil and India going ASAP. Hoping to get other countries back quick too. When asked about whether regions should be supported by the end of the year, they said most should definitely be added before then.

While that’s still not saying much, at least we now have an end game in mind, which will be hoping everyone is back up and running in the next few months. Some won’t be, but that’s just how life works. So let’s cross our fingers and hope things work out.


Hello!!! Any news about Argentina? Will it work here again?

Ok, what a coincidence that when I write here, the rest of the wallets immediately disconnect me. Very convenient.

That’s real good news. Thanks for always keeping us updated, @Saoiray.

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The answer to your question is literally in all the information on my topic. It might help to read through everything, starting from Original Post and working to the newest if you want to know what’s going on.

Simple answer is it will likely work in Argentina again. No timeline for it, except they hope to have just about all workable regions added again by the end of the year. Whether Argentina will be one of those countries is yet to be seen. Keep an eye out here for updates.

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I will be waiting for Argentina to be included again in the list of allowed countries

when I installed Brave informed me that I can watch commercials for Bat but they did not inform me that in my country in Poland it is currently impossible to verify and earning BAT is purely theoretical, additionally it does not synchronize between synchronized browsers, it looks like brave is another browser which to do something but only in theory.
I decided to check the right one after it advertised the possibility of getting Bat, but unfortunately it does not work in Poland and in addition, brave does not clearly inform about it only somewhere on the forums, my previous browser also had a built-in ad blocker, in addition to the e-mail client translator, calendar, which brave does not have a the function that prompted me to use in my country does not work - well, this puts a big question mark on the legitimacy of using a browser that does not clearly inform about current problems related to the functions in my location

This is not true. You 100% still can view ads and earn BAT. It’s not hypothetical. Where you’re limited is that you currently can’t connect to an exchange to be able to convert that to fiat (money) or other types of crypto. You are able to use it to tip Creators (which was the initial intent behind the project) or to save for when they do add your region once again. Also, if you end up as a Creator, you can use BAT to pay for ads.

Correct. If you ever took time to read the settings, you’d see that BAT doesn’t sync between devices. It says it all over the FAQ and, as I said, even the settings in your own browser when you create a Sync chain. Tell me where you see BAT as an option to sync?

Again, not true. Poland is supported for Brave Ads and Brave Rewards. It just is one of the many countries that was temporarily restricted in July as they are resolving a lot of issues with regulations and fraud. France recently was brought back and they are working to add Brazil and India next. They will keep going through and adding where they can.

Yes, they want Users to use this as a first source of information. I have been talking to them about trying to build it out so important information might show up in the browser itself, such as in a New Tab Page or in a little UI such as we have for Rewards. They are working to improve things. I will say they do always show it elsewhere than just the forums as well, but it’s usually more vague. For exampl:

You literally didn’t read anything in my Topic here, did you? The official notices, for example. They’ve announced it and had it pinned for a while. They alkso have it there on the Support pages, such as:

Of course, look at the bottom where is says:

Participating in Brave Rewards and Brave Ads does not require verifying Brave Rewards with a custodian. Support for verified wallets may vary by region and custodian. Please see here for a list of supported countries for each custodial wallet service.

Which of course brings up which they are constantly updating.

Maaah. Still waiting for México to be added soon. Do you think it could be before the end of this year?

Just a little question, sorry for the trouble. We really need more wallets to be able to transfer our BATs, that’s for sure Dx

(I don’t like Uphold as it tooks too much of our money… is like one of the most expensive wallets but meh… I guess that’s better than nothing at the end)

Oh really? I’ve only ever used Uphold and haven’t lost any money from them. In fact, all my transactions with them have been free. I guess it all depends on what you’re doing. I have pretty much only ever used it to receive BAT and eventually send it to my bank account. There was a time period when I converted BAT to things like BTC, but that didn’t last long.

Well, as you can see from the update I provided in this Topic, their goal is to add by the end of the year. Problem with goals is things can go wrong, so we can’t say anything definitively. But I can promise they are trying and working to fix all issues ASAP. Main delay is they are having to work with governments and lawyers, which never are quick. Then having to adjust everything in their programming and servers.

You should check out my new topic. Brave had some interesting things they shared with us, such as a new exchange partner that is in the works. There’s a LOT of good things that are making their way to us. It’s just a matter of having to be patient and deal with all the BS that seems to be coming about in 2022, lol.

That new topic, btw, is PSA: Things to look forward to. (Rewards/Wallet/Shields/Creators/Browser)

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My Uphold account is German and it works but I cannot connect my Brave account to Uphold anymore. Is there any news? or isn’t German account supporting yet?

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Hey, umm I think Germany as of now atleast isn’t on the supported regions for verification of brave rewards and hence not allowing you to connect to uphold. The uphold account will work in all countries but the Brave rewards verification works only in the supported regions. Hope this helps, cheers!

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Hi, more informations about this problem you can find in my Germany related thread to this topic:

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