PSA: Unsupported Region

I can confirm Uphold re-enable for Czech Republic (both for old or new devices). Thank you very much, Saoiray, for your constant reporting about the situation. I hope that users in other countries will soon be allowed.


Yo bro what about India?

Yes, please provide the specific time period “when will be indian brave user starting getting support of uphold accounts”. This month or next year onwards @Saoiray @sampson

@Kousik-7 @VaibhavVashist All known information is already shared. If you want to go make requests or complaints, you need to do that on your own topic or write into Brave directly.

The whole purpose of this topic was just so I can provide everyone the most recent information as soon as we learn more. This is because information was spread out in different places and not always made public.

So if you read everything I said, you’ll know as much as you can possibly know about the situation. There’s NEVER anything extra I can tell you than I already have updated this topic.


Ok Saoiray :ok: tq for the information

December 20, 2022

Brave is still working on adding regions. It is highly unlikely there will be any changes for the rest of the month due to the holidays. Next additions likely to occur in January. They will provide more updates when available.

There will be no Community Call next week, with the next one occurring the first Tuesday of January. As such, likely will be no updates for next week.



Things are still a work in progress. Everyone is returning from holidays and they have to get a gameplan together. What they can say is their priority right now is on getting countries added to Uphold. No idea how long it’s going to take and don’t have a list of countries to share in terms of saying will be ready soon.

As to Gemini, they have nothing to say on it for now. It may be something they add again for the future but it’s not a priority and we’re not expecting any countries to be added back for it any time soon.

Side Note
The primary person who has been giving us updates, Jimmy Secretan, is leaving to start an unrelated company with friends. This is his last week. Not sure if Chriscat will be joining in on the weekly calls or who we’ll have for updates.


Nothing new stated during Community Call. Unfortunately new person in charge of Growth hasn’t started yet and Jimmy’s last week was January 3. Luke didn’t have any updates to give beyond the normal idea they are working on trying to add more countries.

That said, I do know they have been working to get things handled between Brave and Uphold to get the next batch of countries added, which should hopefully be happening this month. Not sure which countries or anything.


Yet another week with no updates. New person in charge of Growth started today. They said hopefully will have some information to share with us next week.

Brendan also joined the call to mention that Brave is still working on another exchange partner for regions that are having difficulties, such as India. He said while they can’t give specific details now, it’s positive and it’s one that has close ties to Brave. So it’s all looking positive.

As always, I’ll post updates here as they share more.


In finishing today’s Community Call, it was said that there’s still no new information. I keep pushing for them to say something but just seems Luke hasn’t been hearing much or getting details on countries being added. He is saying he’ll pass on info when something changes, but kind of have nothing for now.

In terms of new partner for India and other countries, he also said not in a stage in talks with them to be able to provide details. When asked if think they might be in place before the sunsetting of vBAT, he didn’t have an answer as is uncertain and doesn’t want to mislead anyone in either direction.

That said, I’ll try to see if we can get @chriscat around to offer some details on status of getting countries added again to Uphold since we haven’t really heard anything for a while.


Yet another week of no official updates. What had been said on a different conversation though is that there’s large set of countries (like maybe around 10) soon to be added. Brave is just waiting for Uphold to finish some things on their end. I’m hoping to hear more about that sometime this week or early next week.

With Jimmy gone, it’s been hard to get them to have much they are able to share weekly.


Luke is trying to get Chriscat and a couple others to come on next week to speak more on Rewards and hopefully have updates. There’s not much they can say on things for now except to yet again mention that they are working on getting countries added as soon as possible.

As to one of the major questions about India and/or the new custodial partner, the latest on that is seen in the screenshot below:

Screenshot 2_7_2023 18_07_54

As many have mentioned, updates are harder to get lately compared to what they used to be. Unfortunately it seems like there are a lot more barriers in place and support is not being added as quickly as they’d wish. I am still trying to get more definitive answers on the hope of countries getting support before the sunsetting of vBAT, but I’m not sure what I can get them to share or even how much they know with any certainty.


Thankfully, chriscat joined in and was able to answer a few questions today. In terms of adding more regions, he advised that there are a number of countries that they have “shortlisted” and hope to be able to have added soon. Some of those countries are Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and Slovakia.

The wait right now is on communication with Uphold. Even though Uphold might be available in those regions does not mean they (Uphold) are willing to let us connect our Rewards to it. There’s a lot of little factors that can cause delays. Sometimes it’s Uphold’s restrictions based on their budget, others it’s about risk, and then it can also be about making sure that everything is fine in terms of laws and regulations. Keep in mind Rewards is different than just using an exchange.

All of that said, everything is a work in progress. They can’t give us an ETA because every time they have guessed at one, things haven’t always worked out and people get disappointed and/or frustrated. So while it stinks for any who are seeing this update and waiting for your region to be added, please do know that they are sincerely working on several options to try to get your country supported again. This doesn’t guarantee it will happen or that it will happen soon, but they are working on it.


I was hoping to hear more before the weekend, which is why I didn’t update immediately after the Community Call. Unfortunately we have another week of no updates.

It does get frustrating as you wouldn’t think it would take so long for things to be finalized. According to what last was stated by the Rewards Team, things are all set for Croatia and a lot of other countries to be added. But as always, waiting for Uphold to finalize some things and “activate” it all so Rewards can be linked.

Much like all of you, I’m not happy with how long it’s taking. Also do not understand what’s going on “behind the scenes.” All I can tell you is that from conversations I’ve had, I can tell you they are sincerely trying. I’ll be pushing more on information and initiating bigger conversations as we get closer to April so everyone can know what’s going on.


TL:DR = No real updates. Seeming unlikely countries added again before sunsetting of vBAT, but we shall see. Announcements will be made when more is known and to try to give warning/notice. I’ll update when there’s updates. If see nothing from me, means there’s nothing to be said.

Longer update:

Update is that there’s no update. Still no talk of countries getting added again or anything. I keep pushing in different ways, but Brave hasn’t had anything more to say for a while. I’m not sure what to tell all of you.

As to people who keep asking about sunsetting of VBAT and if things might be resolved for countries to be added ahead of time, I’ll leave you with the more recent question/answer, especially pertaining to India:

Photos 3_14_2023 18_37_04

Photos 3_14_2023 18_37_33

During Community Call, Luke said won’t be any “surprises” like had been on some of the more recent changes, where it landed on Nightly sooner than expected and with no heads up. He’s unsure if sunsetting will be universal or happen on Nightly first.

So stay tuned for more info. I’ll just be updating when I have something new to share. If you see it’s been weeks with nothing, it’s because we still have weeks with no new information. I promise, I’ll share news any time I hear anything that can be shared…whether good or bad.


Only because it’s been a little while since I gave an update, thought I’d just do a small post. At this point they still have nothing solid to say about adding countries again, the new partner(s) they are hoping to add, or even of an ETA for the sunsetting of vBAT.

What was said in today’s Community Call though is that they did finish some meetings with Uphold and other places. My takeaway from what was said and how it was said is that they still are hoping to get some good news here for the future. However, it’s not far enough along that it can be announced. So we’re still stuck waiting.


Another day/week/month, and no updates. I was hoping they could answer more today but no luck. I even tried asking about countries like Slovakia and Croatia, which had been mentioned would be added again “soon” back in February.

Unfortunately they had nothing to say on it. Instead, just saying that countries had been rescinded because of partners and that some others were about high amounts of fraud and other issues. Nothing specifically mentioned though.

So as usual, we’re waiting for people from Brave to eventually give us details. Not sure why it’s like pulling teeth to hear anything. When any of us contact Uphold, they say it’s Brave making the decisions. Then when we ask Brave, often is said to be Uphold.

Maybe @luke.mulks and/or @chriscat can try to get more information out there officially. We do know it’s been about 5 months since any new countries were added, which can feel like a long time.