PSA: Unsupported Region

I’m brazilian too.
Talked to you, I guess, 1 month ago.

Yes, things are working back here in Brazil.

Thank you very much for your help!!

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Dear @Saoiray my account was 100% OK last week, but after a Brave Browser update, I’m “flagged” and cannot connect again to Gemini. Do have any idea about what’s happened? I don’t even know what does it mean. The ticket I have opened (164048) had no answer so far. Could you help me? #support-and-troubleshooting

Hello from Malaysia, may I know when will brave reward reenable connection with Uphold in Malaysia?

They nowadays don’t tell the reasons because they had a lot of cases where people started exploiting after getting to know why they had been flagged.

Any violation of Brave’s Terms can result in your account being flagged. You can find their Terms of Service for Brave Rewards at 6

Some quick examples of things that often result in flagged accounts can be:

  • Using a VPN, Proxy Server, or other such thing to hide or fake your location. This is because it can be seen as you trying to bypass ad restrictions. Remember, advertisers pay so content is shown to specific regions. When you appear to be in a region you’re not, it is taking advantage of the system to see ads and receive BAT you shouldn’t be getting.

  • Modifying folders. There are some things you’re encouraged to do but some people do dig deep and try modifying folders that affect your encryption key OR where Users think they can fool the system into thinking they’ve seen more ads or have more BAT in their browser than they really do. Whether intentional or accidental, messing with the wrong things will get your account flagged.

  • Your setup sends mixed information to Brave. For example, maybe you’re in the United States. Your IP address shows you in California, your language is English-IN, and your time zone is correct. This will tell Brave you should see ads from India but then it sees that you’re actually in California. At this point it will think you’re trying to trick the system to see more ads and might flag you. If nothing else, it can result in you not getting BAT for ads that you do see.

  • Cloning your browser. Some people have learned how to do unofficial backup & restore and have the “great idea” that they can make multiple copies of the same browser on different devices and then Verify them with a custodial wallet like Uphold or Gemini. The system recognizes this and will flag the account and prevent anything from happening. Of course, even if unintentional, creating two exact copies of the browser and encryption key will be seen as attempting to do this and will flag you. So never have two identical copies of the browser running.

  • Uphold or Gemini identifies your account as fraudulent and/or there’s a violation of laws.

  • Any other type of suspicious activity is recognized by the system or Brave staff.

That said, just like people, the system isn’t flawless and mistakes can happen. If you haven’t done anything wrong, you can always create a ticket

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Noone knows. If you read the info, you can make it out on your own. Noone knows when it’ll be back. Hope is that by the end of the year.

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@claytom This topic is about unsupported region. You should be making your own topic.

In fact, most people shouldn’t be commenting on here. Some for feedback, like when we had people from Brazil giving a heads up they were able to connect, is good and on topic. Everyone else asking other questions needs to have submitted support tickets, created a topic, or sent a DM. There are already over 300 comments/replies here, which makes it hard for people to read and sort through things.


Sorry, @Saoiray, I thought it has relation with the main problem of Gemini connection.

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Thanks to @Saoiray I was able to connect my Gemini account to my browser and receive my October rewards. (Region: India) Old users can really connect their accounts and receive rewards too.

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Bro is the uphold for india is connecting for you?

Nah @Kousik-7 I’ve also tried with uphold but it wasn’t logging me in due error region.

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Hello I’m from Algeria, may I know when will brave reward reenable connection with Uphold in in my region please?

Hi, From India

I have earlier verified from uphold. Not able to verify again. It says “Something went wrong try again” and it is stucked on verifying.

Same behaviour both mobile and desktop.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve been waiting for more information from people like @chriscat. Last they told me, a backend engineer was looking into it and it should be allowing people to connect.

However, doesn’t seem that countries like India are able to connect and the few who did link, such as Sanskar, are the exception. Hopefully Chriscat and the rest of the team and let us know if that’s supposed to change soon or what is going on.

Why are the ads so few in Turkey or is it my problem, I only see one ad on the main screen, two in the news section, that’s all.

Check how many ad campaigns in your region at

  • The NTP ads only appear at most once every 15 minutes with a maximum of 20 per day.
  • Brave News can show up to 12 per hour, a maximum of 60 per day

That said, it’s also like a lottery. It’s not guaranteed to show in all of those. I guess you can kind of think of ads as if you’re throwing dice. The timeframes mentioned is when you’re allowed to roll. Then once you hit the right roll and view an ad, it recalculates. If you hit the maximum in that timeframe, you have to wait for it to unlock to roll again.

As to campaigns, you can see how many total ad campaigns are in your area by going to It looks like there are 17 campaigns. Then if you want to see specific ads available to you, then you check the link that @SmartyAadi shared. Just be advised that the sampson one is unofficial and is something Sampson does in his spare time. So there are times when it might stop updating, but it’s overall accurate and reliable. On that, you also can see what devices each ad targets. So even though 17 campaigns in your area, they may not all target your type of device. They can also be inline, NTP/SI(Sponsored Image), or PN (push notification).

You can see the # of campaigns running in each country here:

It depends on where advertisers are advertising. If advertisers in the ecosystem are not purchasing that many ads in Turkey, then there won’t be that many campaigns in Turkey.

Brave nightly and beta never show ads

Are you going to give an answer

@mertwix Not on this topic. I replied to you on your own topic. This is supposed to only be for Unsupported Region. It’s my own topic. I sometimes am nice to give short reply to things here, but if you have a problem, need to be on your own topic rather than many comments/replies here.