PSA: Sunsetting delay and info for Creators

Okay, just wanted to share two quick updates:



Essentially, I had reached out to ask if they were still sunsetting tomorrow or if they might be willing to delay a bit as Gemini had been down and then Uphold experienced issues over the weekend. As you can see, they added 2 additional days due to the problem with Uphold.

In regards to Gemini, unfortunately there are some issues with Gemini and nothing can be done. It’s highly unlikely that will be reinstated any time soon. So pretty much it’s going to be Uphold or nothing for most users.

Also, the time for the sunsetting should be visible in browser. But it will occur at 00:00 UTC.

Then for Creators, plenty had been inquiring about what would happen for Creators who weren’t able to be connected. This was especially the case for people in India who don’t have ZebPay as an option. As you can see in the official response, it seems they will implement ZebPay for Creators in 2024. And vBAT won’t go away from Creators right along. This is just going to be the browser (User) side of Rewards where the sunsetting is hitting first.

Thanks to @steeven @Evan123 and @Mattches for being awesome and helping everyone through all of this.

cc: @SmartyAadi


Does this mean Uphold account connections with my Brave BAT tokens will take a while to show up? It only transferred one months worth of BAT so far, and not my old balance.

If you had vBAT and connected your Uphold account, but not your entire balance showed up in your Uphold account after a couple hours, I would recommend reaching out to support. They will be able to see what happened to the transactions we made to your Uphold account and if/why they may have failed.


Okay thanks for the help.

Hi @Cteubner, that it very far from the truth. We were in constant contact, and set up two calls to fully resolve your case in which you did not show up to.

I’m happy to meet this week. Please see the reply from yesterday to set up a time.

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It’s been about 2 days and my Upload balance still isn’t showing my previous vBAT balance. I’ve looked for a Brave support function, but it just points people to here.

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