PSA: Self Serve Ads now availble

Hey all! It’s been announced on Reddit and I wanted to make sure to make a topic here for everyone to know. Self Serve Ads are here! The official notice is at

Let me make some points to reduce confusion.

  • Self Serve refers to advertisers being able to create and buy ads directly.

  • The benefit of this is it is allowing smaller businesses and ad campaigns to be done. The amount of ads necessary is reduced.

  • This is a big deal as it should hopefully increase the amount of ads we all see. It’s also going to be beneficial for any of you who might be Creators and looking to get more people to your content.

Early Issue

It was said in Community Call today that it’s starting off with English only. More languages will be added in the future, but it’s restricted for now.

What this means is most likely English speaking countries will see more of an increase than others. This is only going to be because languages like Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc will not be available for advertisers. And, let’s face it, advertisers usually are going to want to place advertisements in the language native to the countries they are available.

Good news for Rewards users?

If all goes well, the claim is we should be seeing an increase in the number of ads seen. When I asked Luke about pricing and if we’re going to see a drop in how much we earn, the answer was no. He said if nothing else, he believes how much we get from ads in self serve will be a bit higher than we have been getting.

All of that said, this is all new and we’ll have to watch where it goes. If it starts having the impact that Luke and others from Brave have said, we should start seeing an increase in ads and our monthly BAT earnings.


Do you know if we will be able to get more than 10 per hour

It is highly unlikely. At least not anytime soon. If they can get ad sales to significantly increase to where there’s enough of a demand, then we will be able to see an increase like you were requesting. But they just don’t have enough advertisers rolling out enough ads to be able to even let people get 10 ads an hour at this time. Most of us are only getting 1-5 (or less) ads an hour at most from ad notifications on average.

Thank you for your reply

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