PSA: Low Payout Amount

As many have seen, this month many users are receiving a notification that shows a very low percentage of their earnings as being paid. For example, 0.04 arriving but they had 12 BAT, which is instead rolling forward to the next month. This is an issue that has been recognized and being worked on by staff. Official comment on it can be seen at:

That said, keep in mind that partial payments also are normal. This can happen due to ads not being processed/reconciled in time. When this happens, we do see our balance move forward to the following month where we should receive it as payment. However, if payments ever seem too small or you have a big concern over things, it’s advised you submit a Support Ticket at Brave rewards arriving only half? - #10 by Mattches

Usually staff can ONLY help you with payment related issues AFTER the payouts complete. So asking about May payments which are scheduled to be part of the June 8 payout now wouldn’t be helpful. Also, until ALL payouts are complete, they are limited on what they can see or modify in the system. This means you’ll generally need to wait a couple weeks. You can track the status of payouts as part of all the information shared at This will show status once payments begin to be sent. As I’m writing this on June 1, if you look it’s not going to show the status of anything. But once the 8th arrives, you should see payment status on the top of the page at that link.

Remember, payouts BEGIN on the 8th, that’s not when everything arrives. Often it takes 2+ weeks for all payments to be sent and to arrive to accounts.


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