PSA: Flagged accounts issue (August 2023 update)

Can the admins look into my case number 217855?


Got escalated but still no news. Sorry to be a nuisance but… any update @Evan123? :pray:t2:

Yeah, I’ve got flagged for working abroad. (Uphold KYC doesn’t match the country I’m currently working in) But of course NA team can’t understand EU laws. Was day 1 Brave Rewards user, flagged for no wrong-doing and will not be reinstated.

Yeah that’s the sad part. Their algorithms are overill and they won’t admit it and instead place all blame on the user :frowning:

That’s strange. I’ve been with Brave for years and frequently work abroad but have never been flagged, and continue to earn rewards for ads based on the country I am working in (if available there). I have been flagged twice since Feb this year, but not (so far as I am aware) because of my travel movements.

When will this be resolved? Its been months now seeing ads without any rewards.

@plazadelmar this particular issue already had been resolved. It seems so far you didn’t follow instructions as I had given in the original post here.