PSA: Current FAQ

iOS crashes: How to share logs

Unlike Android and Desktop, it’s a bigger headache to share logs for iOS. I’ll provide the steps below:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings on your device, not Brave’s settings.

  • Step 2: Go to Privacy & Security

  • Step 3: Go to Analytics & Improvements

  • Step 4: Go to Analytics Data

  • Step 5: Pull down so you can see search bar. Type in Client

  • Step 6 Look for logs that do not say client.wakeups and click on it

  • Step 7: Click on the share button on top right (at least on iPhone) and then choose to Save to Files

  • Step 8: Choose the location you want to save it and save it there.

  • Step 9: Navigate to your Files on device and find the file you just saved.

  • Step 10: Rename the file to be .txt at the end, making sure you delete the .ips. So it would be something like Client-2023-05-08-101535.txt If asks whether you want to change extension type, confirm it.

  • Step 11: You have two options:

  1. Tag Mattches or Michal on your topic and ask them to DM you so you can share your crash reports. While these typically don’t contain critical information, it often may be best to let as few people see it as possible. So for security sake, you can just have them contact you and then you share privately. This step may take longer.

  2. If you want to expedite it and not worry, you can upload the new .txt file directly on your topic here so that developers can review and try to figure out the issue.

Privacy/Security Team is advising to go by first step. But that’s just them trying to be very cautious and have as little of your data floating around as possible. That said, shouldn’t be too big of a risk. Go with whichever you’re most comfortable with.


Tips for getting assistance

First Tip

Create support tickets when your issue falls under those categories. For example, missing Rewards payments should go under a Rewards Support Ticket. You can see more on that at Support ticket links

Second Tip

If you have created a Support Ticket, share the ticket number in your topic. This way if anyone from Support sees your topic, they might be able to check in on it. If this information is not provided, then you’re only going to experience further delays as they have to contact you to ask for information. Also keep in mind that with a support ticket submitted, most or all of your communication should occur at your email and not here on Community.

When you share, generally it should be on your own topic. Don’t crowd other people’s issues and distract from them getting help. Lastly, it helps to tag someone from Brave, such as SaltyBanana, Evan123, Steeven, or Mattches if it has been a while and you’ve not received any replies to your topic or to your email.

Third Tip

Support doesn’t work on the weekends. You’ll have less of a chance of getting an official response if you create topics then. You’re often best to be active here on the weekdays when they are also on and active. They try to respond quick, but often can take 2-3 business days to see things. If you don’t hear from them after 3-5 business days, try to tag them on it.

Fourth Tip

When responding to someone, it’s helpful to tag them by putting @ in front of their name, such as @saoiray. Not only does this help to clarify who you are responding to, but this also makes sure notifications are generated and lets the person know you’ve tagged them. Whether it be Brave Support, Community Ninja, or others…it’s easy to lose track of topics where we had been helping people. So having this tag often will generate a notification.


Remember that Brave staff handles hundreds, if not thousands, of issues each day. Just because you haven’t gotten a response does not mean they are ignoring you or don’t care about your situation. It can take time for them to get to you and even longer to research problems. They are only human and do their best. Yet this is also why it’s important for all the prior tips, especially the idea of providing as much information as you can on your issue. When this happens, they often will be able to resolve your issue once they get to you. But if you’ve not provided details or attempted troubleshooting steps, then that’s just going to delay things more and add a chance of your issue being “lost” amongst all of the others seeking help.


Creating Topics

Make sure you’re creating topics in the right places and providing as much detail as possible. For example:

From the screenshot above:

  • #1 Should be a short and clear description of your issue

  • #2 is where you will select a proper category. Placing something with no category will make your topic less likely to be seen. Also, being as specific as you can, such as placing in Brave Rewards Rewards Support instead of just Brave Rewards can make a bigger difference than you might think.

  • #3 this is an area where many people fail. When you choose a category, a template is created. The first part is for you to read, but the second part is a list of questions that needs answered. You should always answer those. Beyond that, make sure to provide as many details as you can. It will be hard to help if you’re not sharing detailed information, especially if not informing about things like which version of Brave you’re using or your Operating System.

  • #4 Many categories require this additional tag. This just helps to sort things better. Obviously, don’t put Desktop if you’re on Mobile and all. Again, the more you can help to provide details and narrow things down, the better chance you have in someone being able to assist you.

Make sure to provide lots of details

Provide as much information as possible. At a minimum, we need to know which version of Brave and which OS you’re using. Don’t just say “The latest” for version or “Windows” for OS. Be specific, such as Brave 1.51.114 and Windows 11 or Android 12.


Can’t Scan QR Code or Enter Sync Phrase

This is most likely because you accidentally created two different sync chains. You can’t combine two sync chains together. What this means is you’re going to leave the sync chain on one of your devices.

First off, the way to confirm this is to check your sync menu. If you’re in a sync chain, it will look something like:

The key aspect is if you scroll to the bottom, you should see something like below. If more than one device is on the list, you’ll see them all listed:


If you’re NOT in a sync chain, then instead you should see something like:


If you don’t see that image above, then it’s on a sync chain. You’ll have to figure out which one you want to remove and then do so. Once you remove it from a sync chain, you’ll be able to click on the I have a Sync Code and either choose to scan QR or enter the phrase.