PSA: Current FAQ

Creators showing unverified even though I’m verified

If your website is showing as an Unverified Creator even though you’re verified, then try the steps below. If they don’t work, then create a support ticket.

Step 1
Make sure your region is supported. Just because you’re linked to a custodial partner doesn’t mean your region is supported. You can verify this by making sure your country is on the list at

Step 2
Hit the refresh button that appears next to where it says Unverified Creator. Sometimes this simple refresh is enough to resolve the issue for you.

Step 3
Go to your Creators dashboard and disconnect from the custodial partner, then reconnect. Sometimes this refreshes things and resolves issue within 24 hours. You may need to repeat Step 1 for yourself again.

Those are primary steps which resolve for some people. If that doesn’t do it, then create a Creators Support Ticket at and someone from Brave will investigate