Provide selected URL (or selected text) to other apps on macos


Description of the issue:
I am using brave on macos. I also use Things (a GTD app), which can grab information from other apps and creates todos from these information.

You need to grant permission to the Things Helper app, so that it is allowed to control other apps, it gets the information (selected URLs, selected text, …) from.

It works currently with Safari and Chrome (it doesn’t work with Firefox), just to name a few browsers.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
1.1. open Safari, put url in the address field
1.2. use the shortcut for the Things Helper (command+option+I) in my case
1.3. A new todo is shown containing a link to the page and the name of the page
2.1 Open Brave, put url in the address field
2.2 use the shortcut for the Things Helper (command+option+I) in my case
2.3 A new todo is shown but it doesn’t contain anything

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Expected result:
Brave should allow control by Things to get the information

Reproduces how often:
every time

Brave Version(about:brave):
Version 0.59.35 Chromium: 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):
Additional Information:


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I did. Is it ok like it is now?
Is it understandable?


Yes, thank you very much for editing and providing the additional info. Last thing, would you mind linking me to the extension you’re referring to so I can test it on my end? I believe I have the right one but I want to confirm before I advise.


Sure, here is the link:

You need to setup not only Things but also the Things helper (a small app to make this cross-app exchange possible)


Oh okay I see. So “Things” isn’t an extension, but rather an app installed on your system.
I downloaded the free trial and tested on my end - but I’m not sure I understand what the intended behavior actually is?

For me, on both Safari and Brave, I get the following behavior:

Using the “Quick Entry” shortcut command, I can open the to-do list, but no information is prefilled (I ensured that the auto-fill option was enabled and “Things Helper” app was installed). I was, however, able to copy/paste or select/drag any info from the address bar into the to-do list popup.

To clarify, after hitting the “quick entry” commands, this box should be pre-filled with the address of the site you’re on?


Exactly. On Safari and Chrome, the new todo is filled with useful content from the current web page.
On Brave and Firefox it’s not.

I already asked the culturedcode guys and they said that you can contact them and they would provide some information about what brave needs to implement in order to work properly.


@afuerstenau, thank you for confirming.
I’ve reached out to their support team for steps on how to resolve the issue or to at least isolate it. Appreciate your patience. I’ll leave this thread open for now so that I can share their response when I receive it.


@Mattches Did you receive anything from them? Will you implement it? Thanks for your answer.

Update from 22nd of March. Culturedcode implemented something on their side, so it works now for my usecase.

Thanks, @Mattches


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