Provide a way of setting webtorrent download location


The default location for webtorrent downloads is /tmp/webtorrent.

This can create problems. On my (linux) computer, /tmp is a mounted ramdisk (tmpfs) that maximizes to half of my ram. If the computer reboots, this space is wiped.

Since I have 6 GB ram, this means it is limited to 3 GB.

Yesterday I tried to download a 4.3 GB torrent file. No errors were reported, but obviously not all fit on the tmpfs, and when I tired to use the files, they were corrupted.

Another effect was that it entirely filled the /tmp device, so many other applications began malfuctionining because they could not create temporary files.

I believe webtorrent allows you to specify a different download location, but I cannot figure out how to do that when using Brave.


Thanks for reporting. Issue logged for this and can be tracked here

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