Property address search does not find correct address

I am a home inspector and have to search property addresses quite often on my windows 11 PC. I enter the address of the property in order to find the property listings in many real estate sites like Zillow, RedFin, Realtor, etc, Brave returns many address hits within these sites near the one I entered, but not the address entered. This has happened for as long as I can remember. So what I end up doing is using Edge to find property information. I would rather not do this.

A recent address I entered was 13468 W 23rd Place, Golden. Addresses listings returned were other addresses on that street and streets nearby, but not the right one.

It’s not a Brave problem, it’s the search engine you use. If you use bing search in Brave you will get the result you want.

Thank You!

Under search engines it says I am using the Brave search engine which is designated the default.
“Brave (default) shortcut :br”

I switched the default to Bing, and verified it was indeed now the default, and got the same poor results.

I pasted a screen shot of the results below. Not sure if that works. I don’t see a way to attach the screen shot as a file.

Open a new page and enter and try it again.

That worked just fine. Just doesn’t work in Brave with Bing as the default.

Here is a screen shot of the Brave search engine page with Bing as the default. Maybe I need to set something else up somewhere else?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but just to be clear. When Bing is set to your default search provider, it will return Bing results when you search from the address bar. But if you search from within, you will still get Brave Search results. Brave Search doesn’t handle addresses well.

I search in Brave using the Brave search engine as the default (Brave (default) shortcut :br) and I get bad results as described above and the screen shot shows. When I use Edge it works just fine. So Bert.10 suggested I bring up the Bing search engine in a tab in Brave and try it, and it worked fine. BUT, if I set Bing as the default search engine in brave it renders bad results.

So, the Brave browser, using the Brave search engine or Bing search engine as the default, renders bad results. I would like it to render good results instead of having to use Edge for this one thing I need to search for.

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