Proper webpage loading

Point being:

with Shields enabled, you will inevitably come across websites that simply refuse to load properly

This isn’t really a feature or a request for something that Brave isn’t already doing.

What that article is referencing is how Brave Shields will prevent ads and trackers. Some sites will try to detect adblockers and refuse to work properly if you have it on. Obviously Brave always does their best to make sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s also important to note that this isn’t a “Brave only” issue. It’s any browser that’s blocking ads and trackers, because those websites want to get your information and/or earn money by showing you ads all over their website.

I can’t speak for all webpages which part of Shields blocks which part of a webpage. Ads are one part of Shields.
I have said things about webpage usability and functionality before. Shields can block parts of a webpage. For example, if a webpage doesn’t open a window, such as a support chat, after hitting the button on the webpage, then this is irrelevant to ads.
Webpages don’t always load properly due to shields. There are cases of an ad being the reason, such as a video page not playing the video, because it won’t without enabling the webpage’s ads. That is an example of a webpage not properly loading due to the ad parts of the Shields.

Some site will cause issues, either a tracker issue or limitation due to the adblockers (like some anti-adblocks for example). We’re working on both actively.

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