Proper display of bookmarks tool bar



I’ve imported all data from firefox and all looks good except I cannot get the bookmark toolbar to display.It’s only showing as a list.

My settings seem to be correct:


Please tell me what i’m doing wrong?


You might try dragging and dropping folders / bookmarks onto your bookmark tool bar from the import folder. Then rearrange folders / bookmarks. You can delete empty 'Import folder ’ when done.


Thanks, worked but the Favicons only show on certain bookmarks. How do I get all to show>


If you log in and out of each account they should show up. That is what worked for me.


You may also want to look into our new browser build:


Sadly, this (logging on to sites to enable favicons on bookmark tool bar) doesn’t work for me. any other thoughts?


I believe I am on the currently build. When checking, I’m told there are no updates available


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