Prompted for root password upon launch

Description of the issue: Every time I launch Brave after a reboot I am prompted for root password, is this normal, and why does Brave want root privileges?

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3. Launch Brave

Reproduces how often: every time I launch Brave

**OS: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS, Brave version 1.24.86

Additional Information: this has been happening ever since I installed Brave

Hey @tsuhna !

Sorry that you are experiencing this issue.

Can you please provide us with screenshots of the prompt?
Also, do you have any extensions installed on Brave?
Did this issue occur from when you first installed Brave or is this a recent issue?

Thank you,


*Screenshot: Why do you need a screenshot of a black box with a text field asking for root password?

*Extensions: No I don’t have extensions, I thought this would have been obvious from “this has been happening ever since I installed Brave” as in the second I launched Brave for the first time I was asked for the root password

*“Did this issue occur from when you first installed Brave or is this a recent issue?”: I absolutely hate repeating myself but I am willing to make an exception this once, as I said in my original post: "this has been happening ever since I installed Brave"

The screenshot is to help give more context that you might not have thought would be important. Any and all information about the issue helps us come to a solution.

I can confirm with that it is not the norm that you are requested to enter a root password when opening Brave.

Can you please download the nightly build of Brave found here : to see if the issue persists?

Also do any other applications on your device ask for root password?

Thank you,


Nightly doesn’t ask for root password when I launch it right now, but that could well be simply because I have already launched Brave during my current Ubuntu session (as said the prompt shows up as soon as Brave is launched after computer reboot), I am not able to reboot my computer just for this one test and/or one screenshot at this time.

“Also do any other applications on your device ask for root password?” only when root privileges are needed (installing something etc.)

When you do get the chance, could you test that for me and let me know if it is indeed that Nightly is asking for a root password?

That leaves us with the question, why is the Official build (Nightly is the most up to date version) asking for a root password.

I’ll look into possible reasons, but as of now there should be no prompt.

Be back to you soon!


Also how exactly are you launching the browser? Are you running sudo brave-browser? If that is the case then that would prompt for root password.


I am clicking on an icon in my “favorites” bar, I’m not sure what the exact command attached to the icon is

Sorry @tsuhna , still trying to find out as much information as I can about your issue;

Where did you go to install Brave? This might be a signing issue and is related to the origins and process of how it was installed.


through the highlighted program

I’ve never seen a root password being asked for Brave on Ubuntu. There’s something strange going on.

Let’s double-check a few things first:

  1. Are you logged in as root or as a regular user?
  2. When you see the prompt, does it ask for your user password or for the root user’s password?
  3. Did you install using the official Brave repository ( or the Snap package (
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  1. regular user, to my knowledge there’s no such thing as “root user” in a Desktop Ubuntu installation,
  2. as for the password, I am the sole user so there is no difference between “user password” and “root password”,
  3. How should I know where the packages came from, I opened the highlighted application, looked for Brave, installed Brave and started using Brave.

edit here’s screenshot from the application, I guess it’s from the official repository?

Unless you followed the instructions in (i.e. typing all of those commands in a terminal), then you’re not using our recommended packages. Instead you are using the Snap package, which is also maintained by us but which doesn’t yet work as well as the standard packages due to some technical reasons in the way that Snap packages work.

The reason why I asked this question (and why it would be useful if you’re able to capture a screenshot of that password prompt) is that it’s possible that it’s asking for your user password in order not to do something as root, but rather to unless the password keyring associated for your users. Normally that’s unlocked automatically at login time, but on my machine (Ubuntu 20.04 and 18.04 before that), I have had to unlock the keyring manually a few times in Brave, but also in other applications that store sensitive information in the keyring.

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I see, I’ll try to remember to pay attention to the prompt next time I launch Brave after a reboot, thank you for the explanation

finally got around to reboot my computer, it was indeed about the password keyring

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