Promoting Brave to Artists for People who are easily ... SQUIRREL ... easily distracted like me

Hello Beautiful Brave Developers (B.B.D.'s not to be confused with Bel Biv Devoe :rofl:),

You’re most likely too young to know who BBD is ¯_(ツ)_/¯, but I thought that was funny. Sorry.

I LOVE BRAVE!!! You guys did a great job!! It’s dope AF and gave me at least an extra 8 hours of freedom every month. I want to tell artists like myself that I really dig about it so they can get involved and hopefully find a new revenue stream to create more art for me, I mean EVERYONE, yeah, everyone ;). I personally hate money and try to avoid it, but I know most artists I dig need some and I want to keep seeing their work. I’m also an easily distracted … SQUIRREL … what was I saying? :rofl::rofl::rofl: I only emoji in primes … wait … distracted … Oh yeah, I’m a flake, but one with a really big heart who’s always trying to help. Promoting Brave is one of my new causes that’s win win win. It helps Brave, or I think it does anyways, it helps whoever starts using it, like for me in one month I got 8 hours of my life back by not having ads shoved down my throat, and artists can get some extra dough, so anyone who uses it get’s something extra, and for me, I’m doing something good for Brave and people who get it, so Brave wins, People win, and I win because helping “just cuz it’s right” IS a win for me and anyone who gives that a shot.

All that said, How do I tell artists all the great things about BRAVE including all the different things that make it great and people in general for that matte,r without doing a bunch of stuff I’ll never get done because I’m always distracted. I need something like some kind of marketing material I can copy/paste that will tell them ALL the good stuff and get it done. It’s gotta be impactful and make the point quick, to get them involved. I’d like to do it through my “affiliate” link or whatever you call it, so I can make some dough to donate or do some more of my own art projects without having to think about it because it grosses me out, but I need it too even though I HATE that fact, so if I make some and can give away it’ll be a win win win too.

Hopefully someone can help a nutball like me do something good, hopefully you got a couple laughs reading this if nothing else, and hopefully you have a kick A$$ day/night/life!!!

Much Love, :v:

It’s going to be hard to summarize Brave’s functionality and goals, but there is existing marketing material that you can use to promote Brave.
Here’s the reviewers guide:

It is quite lengthy, but you can take snippets of whats said to customize it to whoever you are are recommending Brave to.

Hope that was helpful.

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Word!! Thanks so much for your time and SUPER FAST response, that was Dope AF. I’ll check this out. Since it seems you’re in the know, is there a way to get a notification when I get replies here or updates on new stuff with BRAVE kinda 'Shoved in my face" so I don’t forget or have to go through emails and stuff to find em 3 or 4 days later. Sometimes I lose a day or 2 because of my health and I can get behind, but I dont wanna with BRAVE. It’s one of my new “causes”. Can it just “Pop up” on my PC even if I’m not on the community site. I ALWAYS use the browser now, so its always on. ANy good ideas ?? I really REALLY appreciate you taking your valuable time to help me, more than you could know. Thank you so very much!!

Much love, :v:

Also, why is it doing this? I trust BRAVE and I don’t wanna miss out on anything you guys have to say. Forgive my ignorance of the tech knowledge. I very much appreciate your valuable time, sincerely, it means a lot

Much love, :v:

Sure thing. If you go to your account preferences you can enable live notifications.

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I’m not sure why that’s showing up. My browser doesn’t show it. If you’re worried about it you could try to reach out to one of the moderators on here.

not the greatest because shopify blows in allowing me artistic control but its a start

That’s pretty good. The reviewer guide’s numbers are a little dated, the latest numbers show that Brave has 12 million active monthly users and 658,132 verified content creators.

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