Promo Page (Referral) without domain mentioning


As a publisher I noticed you can have a Referral Promo Page. However I tried this and it seems when people click on the link that you can see the domainname.

Is it possible to have this same page but without the domainname? I would prefer it because

  1. I have more than 1 domainname.
  2. I don’t think everyone of my friends should know the sites I am running

So the question is then how can I have this referral page without my domainname showing? Maybe this can be made as a new feature? (a general referral page)

If not, I could remake the page by taking the html, hosting it somewhere else and taking out the piece of html that shows my site. Essentially making my own referral site for Brave. Is that allowed? (I mean you already could have a site where you add an article about brave and put in the referral link, but here we are talking about a whole new site)


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