Profit from a browser brave for Egypt

How much do I earn per day from browser ads? brave I am in Egypt

Hello @ammarnady7

i will answer but per month

first this link show how many ads compain per country egypt show 17 now it change some ads run out and sometime more ads added

and this link show you the ads you will get

you get around 1 to 5 BAT per month i guess in egypt you would get 1 or 2 BAT per month

there 2 kinds of ads

  1. new tab ads which you see when you open the new tab page
    it will count 4 ads per hour and 20 per day but the ads should be targeting your region (egypt) you know that from the second link i posted

  2. notification ads this one show up as notifications you get max 10 per hour there was limit per day i guess around 20 also notice that each ads has it’s own limit like how manytime it will be show up per day and some ads require that the user be interested in certain category so for example some ads will show up only if user interested in sport so if you did not visit any site from that category then that ads will not show up for you

you can get more BAT if you are creator that mean if you have youtube channel or blog /twitter /twitch and so on that will make your user tip you with BAT

for more details about reward

and for more about being creator

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hello @ammarnady7

that was exist long time ago they ended it in Nov 2020

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