"Processing your ID document" error

I’ve been seeing this error for about 3 weeks.

error: "Processing your ID document

Thanks for your patience while we review your information. We will contact you shortly when the process is completed."

I don’t know what to do.
bu yazı bir türlü gitmiyor. ama ben kimliğimi onayladım. hala incelemede gözüküyor. hatanın düzeltilmesini talep ediyorum.

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Can you please be more specific? What site are you seeing this behavior on?

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on this link: https://uphold.com/dashboard
this article somehow does not go away. but I verified my identity. still appears in review. I request the error to be corrected.

This is an Uphold issue, not a Brave issue. The reason you’re seeing this may be due to the current region you’re located in:

I understund. Thank u. but Im from Turkey.

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