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good day I have windows 7 64 bit and problem has to do with the YouTube videos because when the ads come out that are quite annoying I can not cancel what forces me to see the full ad to continue with the original video. Thank you in advance for your help.


I’ve had this problem as well. I am allowing ads to show on YouTube, because I don’t really mind ads showing up to support channels, however when ads do show up in videos, no ‘skip ad’ button shows up. This is fine if the ad is 30-40 seconds, but not if it’s five minutes. Doing research, I’ve seen that the ad blocker script (even when off) might be stopping the button to be displayed. Is there any way that this can be fixed? Right now, this is really the only issue I have with the browser since I’ve started using it, and I would really appreciate it if this was to be fixed.

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