Problems with twitch on Brave

Same issues, also on Nightly… following:]

Does anyone know when this ‘issue’ will be resolved ?

Be patient my English. It’s super broken.

In my environment, problem cause is random-user-agent extension.
The only way to solve is not “Enabled on this domain” off, just disable or pause extension.

*Shields : on → ok / off → NG
*Trackers & ads blocking : Standard/Aggressive/Disabled → ok
*Block fingerprinting : Standard → ok / Disabled → NG

I’m using stable,beta,nightly and I’m in same trouble this several days.
So I tried some touble shooting method(disable all extensions, clear cookies, etc) but not resolved.
And then I tried guest mode, login error has gone. I saw login code check popup. I didn’t know the reason why.

30min ago, I thought I wonder hidden parameter or env info makes error, and then I disabled extensions one by one.
And now, I reached answer.
I don’t know the reason why keep error when I disable all extension at once but to solve problem is to disable random-user-agent extension only.

my recommend method
1.Shields is on, Trackers & ads blocking is anything fine, Block fingerprinting is Standard.
2.pause or disable random-user-agent extension
**of course if you don’t have this ext, needless to do so
3.clear all twitch cookies
4.avoid cache and reload twitch page (hard reload)

if you have random-user-agent extension, try it. :wink:

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Twitch has started working properly again after the latest Brave update for me

pressing the ‘reset settings’ button in the settings worked for me on one device and reinstalling on another worked as well

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