Problems with submitting online forms and saving photo via right click



I have wanted to monetarily support Brave, as I like the idea of what it is meant to be. However, it needs to be a basically functional browser before I can do that.

Today for example, I was on the LG website submitting a support ticket, via their online form. After 20 minutes or so of filling out the form, the submit button would not work. I have no idea why. There was simply no response from the mouse click on the button. So I had to open Chrome to do it all over and it worked without issue. This is one instance, but I encounter many like it with Brave.

Another issue simply right clicking on an image to save it. This will typically work ok, when trying to save an image from a plain html page, but if the image is in a special window (such as Lightbox), I will get an error. Again, I can switch to Chrome or Safari or Firefox and have this work.

I encounter these problems on my Mac and iOS versions of Brave. I am looking forward to the day, when I no longer need to open those other browsers to perform relatively simple tasks.

Hopefully these minor issues can be figured out.


If you have enabled site isolation in security settings please disable it and check again.

Not really sure but could be due to site isolation. Do you mind checking it by disabling that setting? Or any link which displays images using litebox that you can share ?


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