Problems with Ebay checkout, Plex and Coinmarketcap after one weeks use

Sorry, I’m new to the community and hope this is posted in the appropriate place. Firstly the browser is phenomenal and I enjoy the security and features immensely so big thanks to the dev team.

My issues thus far are with checkout on ebay/uk: No Paypal button presents itself. So I had to make the same purchase on Edge Browser with no issues.

Blue box appears for a second then disappears stopping me from paying.

Plex: when I click the taskbar icon to view my server in a webpage it is just blank with Plex logo. Works fine in chrome and edge.

Coinmarketcap: The ‘price’ tab of any coin does not show the information.

I have tried with shields on and off with the same behaviour. I’m happy to work with anyone to resolve these issues and any feedback from others for workarounds.

brave: 1.30.87