Problems with Brave Storage or something

Hello the one that is reading this,

I have some problems with the Brave browser and especially what it is saving. For example Autofill is autofilling 2FA codes and Languages i searched on Google Translate. But not the stuff I actually want. Also other sites I use keep logging me out. Like Krunker,io, Whatsapp, E-Mail etc. How can i fix saving problems and Autofill problems?
Please help ym any advice is welcome

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@ZMF ,

Learn to master the Brave Browser > Settings. Because most often, YOU are the troubleshooter.

In a Brave Browser New Window, go to:


and Order languages based upon your preference


Add languages, as you see fit for your purposes. Brave Browser will consult the list from top to bottom – so it is important for you to rank the languages accordingly.

Also set the switch for Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read based upon your preference.

NOTE: The settings window for Languages may appear to be compact, when you first go to it . . . so, you would have to toggle [what is loosely called the] Up/Down iron-icon that is located over on the right, in the following screenshot:

Among the Settings that you need to master, are:


There, study and set all the settings for all three tabs, so that you accomplish what you need; the three tabs:: Basic / Advanced / On exit

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 11.40.55 PM

You will need to be patient and practice / test your arrangements of the various Settings, there. It might take time, before you find the combinations that produce the results that you wish.

Some websites have their own policies, regarding When and Why the log out your Internet browser. On the other hand, some setting(s) of your choice, might cause Brave Browser to end a session.

And, you are making the decisions re Autofill


When you test your settings, also test, first, using a New Window . . . and then close it and Quit Brave Browser . . . and then test, second, using a New Private Window.

And, for each of those windows, also test with Extensions Enabled / Disabled.

Maintain detailed written notes, about your selections and results of your testing. Keep your notes in text files – recommended Text Editors for Windows OS users:

EditPad Lite / EditPad Pro

Mac OS users: BBEdit (try the free download) at:

This is the problems I have. It auto fills stuff at random places but not where I actually want. Also in the Autofill settings i can only manage, creditcards, passwords and addresses. Not specific sites. Also i tried a couple methods but I was still unable to keep myself logged in at the websites I visit everyday. I don’t think this is supposed to happen

It is cookie problem. You are clearing cookies on exit brave://settings/cookies, brave://settings/siteData and brave://settings/clearBrowserData.

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