Problems with animations and pop-ups (stuck and laggy)

Since a few months ago, I have noticed that the animations produced by some web pages or interactions such as CAPTCHA, do not run in my brave browser, but they do in another browser, so it is a problem of the Brave browser, not of the web.

I have uninstalled brave and re-installed but the problem persists and I have not found a solution in the community. For example, in the page of, they have an animation of a 3d world going around, which works terrible, super hung and frizzy. And now I’m having major problems logging into websites, since the captcha pop-up is not loading either.

I can’t say exactly when this problem started, but around 2-3 months.

I am also running into the problem of not being able to validate my wallet with UPHold, as it does not log me into my account.

Could you help me and tell me some steps to try to solve this problem? Thanks

I have Windows 11, previously it also happened with Windows 10.

And the specs of my PC are good enough, I can run any game in ultra graphics…

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