Problems using Brave with MY PT Hub!

I am having trouble using brave browser with My PT Hub. This is a business platform used by fitness professionals to do on-line coaching with clients.

The issue that I am having is when using my workout builder account, I can not see the exercises on my workout’s!:neutral_face:

The workout account does work perfectly when I use firefox. I did contact My PT hub support team and they said that the problem was the brave browser side . I did try to clean my history and cache, but it did not solve the issue.

Can you guys get in contact with My PT hub and try to solve this issue?

I really love this browser and I don’t feel safe with any other browser.

most probably it related to cookied setting in your shield set it to crosssite cookies blocked or allow all if it does not work

also try to make tracker to standard and fingerprint to standard also

hope that help and have a nice day

Hello thank you for responding for help. :metal:

I tried the what you told me to do and it did not work.

you welcome
try to use the private mode and also try to disable the shield and see which one make it work

hope this one help this time :slight_smile:


It did not work. I tried using Tor. It did not work ether.

I think Brave and Pt Hub should connect to solve this issue. You can also get theme into the crypto pay.

did you tried to turn off the shield and clear cache also ?

Yes I did.

I did it 2 times. And also tried the setting the private settings 2 times as well.

It is strange. I did not have this problem a month ago.

ok i will call
@fanboynz could you please help us here

hope he help you and have a nice day

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