Problems to translate language/websites


I’m trying to get the option to translate websites from english into spanish but i don’t see how to do this, this is the only configuration i found:

and when clicking at the vertical points, right-side to español (Latinoamerica), nothing happen …
What m’i doing wrong?.


I also tried with an extension ‘Lingvanex’ (it is incorporated in Vivaldi) but for some reason it only translates the home page of the website here in Brave, when I go to the link where the news appears, the URL changes to the original address in English (?).

– i will like to know if it is not possible to translate whole website in Brave.

Brave does not presently offer a site-translation feature (although we are looking into how this can be done in a privacy-respecting manner). For now, you might find the best results by installing the Google Translate extension.

In that case it is better to wait for Brave. No Google fan … Thanks.

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