Problems in the user interface design

In the brave browser Arabic version has some problems in the user interface make it difficult to access some advantages which causes fatigue for the user and reduces productivity :

Brave Version(1.35.100):

Additional Information: There’s still more problems, but I’m not allowed to attach more than four photos of being a new member🙂 .

I can see everything is normal in my Browser

Have you Do any changes in DOM?

I did not do any changes I originally do not know what is Dom :blush:
The problem has existed since you installed the browser try to convert the browser language to Arabic and the problem will appear to you




@daton244 Hi :slightly_smiling_face: I am an English speaker only. I just don’t understand what I am seeing in the language displayed in most of your images. If you can explain with text something about each image, that would help.

I think the problem in the first image is that the Customize Dashboard and other shortcuts in that group are displaying on the left instead of on the right as it normally does. Ditto per the Brave Stats display: it is not in the normal position in your image. Unfortunately, I can’t help with that either. I have no idea why you are getting those results on your NTP. Is that the normal position for all Arabic versions of Brave? Also, I have no idea what that banner across the center is.

If you can provide more information using English text or Arabic text that can be plugged into a translate program, that would help.

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