Problems Importing data

Brave portable 1.45.127

I’m new to brave, so please forgive my ignorance. I have a familiarity with other chromium browsers; portable versions of both Chrome and Chromium.

Yesterday, I went to import data. One of the options, was “Chromium 1”. How is this determined?

I checked the imported bookmarks. They were clearly not up to date. At least a couple months old. I manually imported the latest list.

I pinned selected extensions to the toolbar, and activated some of the experimental items from here brave://flags/#enable-audio-focus-enforcement.

I relaunched brave several time. Thought I was ready to move forward to make a few tweaks and go to work.

Opened Brave today, and everything had reverted to pre-import. There was an error message related to Brave rewards. I took care of that, after which, importing automatically began.

The bookmarks were the same outdated list. The extensions imported were only a abbreviated portion of the original list, and all were enabled, including some I don’t recognize and are not from my Chrome install. All the pinned items were undone. All those "experimental’ items were undone.

It also messed up my Chrome profile, to the extent that most extensions are disabled, and not pinned to the toolbar. I haven’t yet investigated what other changes might have been effected.

I just opened Brave again. The profile is empty.

Hello @noelen

Thank you for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Brave. Could you kindly share the following:

  1. Brave version (found at brave://version)
  2. Device(s) OS version.

Be waiting for your response and have a great day!

Windows 10 Pro, Brave v1.45.127.

I came upon it here Brave portable version

But apparently my version was released on 11/18, or that’s what the release notes say, but my version is not listed on the portapps website.

I can’t use Brave unless it’s portable, so I guess there no solution for me?

Is there a particular reason why a portable, up to date version of Brave hasn’t been developed?

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